Slurm Vending Machine Fridge

Slurm Vending Machine Fridge by davesgeekyideas

Thought I’d design a fun fridge that looks and works like a vending machine. This would be ideal for any soda or beer company theme (Coke, Nuka-Cola, Duff Beer), but for this post I figured Futurama’s Slurm would be best.

It has the same functionality of a fridge (one or two doors, can have an ice dispenser, etc.), but on the main door it can dispense cans of your favorite beverage with a simple turn of a dial. Here it is in action:

Slurm Vending Machine Fridge by davesgeekyideas

Slurm Vending Machine Fridge by davesgeekyideas

This system was designed to dispense cans with relative ease, and to keep the fridge sealed at all times. Just turn the dial on the front (either direction), and almost instantly you have a can of soda. I honestly believe this vending machine could keep up with Fry’s steady consumption of Slurm.

For the example above it’s a half-turn, but you can also have a dial with three can chambers, warranting only a one-third turn, if you get my drift. There are no electrics involved, just a cylinder you manually turn. There could be a sensor with a light indicator to let you know there are no more cans, but I’m not sure I’d want to see that on all the time.

One thought on “Slurm Vending Machine Fridge

  1. Totally cool! Love the design, the graphics and the creativity that went into the project. You’re good… really good and thank you for taking time to post your work – it made my whole day!
    If I get the chance, I”ll buy you a can of ice-cold Slurm, you deserve every glob of it!

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