TV Show Pitch: Obi-Wan Kenobi

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There has been a lot of hoopla this past week regarding the delay of the Obi-Wan Kenobi TV show. The rumor for the delay: the show’s premise was too similar to The Mandalorian, with the title character protecting a young Luke Skywalker throughout the series.

Not sure how valid that rumor is, but it is far from what I’ve been imagining these past few months, which I will share with you now: seeing as the Mandalorian is a Western, I honestly thought Obi-Wan was going to be a Detective Show (be it Noir or Hardboiled).

Hear me out! The most interesting part of Attack of the Clones was Obi-Wan being a detective, chasing down clues and unraveling a mystery. Not saying he’d pursue that line of work full-time, but living near both Mos Eisley and Jabba’s Palace, it would be easy to become embroiled in a sinister plot full of criminals and intrigue.

Obi-Wan would also be wrestling with demons, having just lost a war, his friends, and everything he cared about. Diving into this mystery would help him regain a sense of purpose, and remind him why he became a Jedi so many years ago. His character would be closer to Dr. House than Miss Marple, a bit cranky and rude. But over the course of the show he would become the wise old man we meet in A New Hope.

He is still in hiding, so he’d have to conceal his Jedi abilities most of the time. He’d break out a Jedi Mind Trick when interrogating someone, or use a Lightsaber to break into a place of interest, but using the Force will always be a last resort.

This is just what popped into my head when they announced the series. Before they were going to make the show, I was fine with him being a hermit for 20 years and keeping tabs on Luke. But now that we are going to see him again, I felt the character warranted a story that played to his strengths while also downplaying the Jedi stuff.

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