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TMNT Drink Coasters

TMNT Drink Coaster by Dave Delisle

Inspired by the Smash Bros. coaster design I posted a few years ago, I felt a similar design could be done for TMNT. This time, the coasters are sewer covers and pizzas. In addition, the storage box has a fun dispenser feature for dealing out coasters. Read the rest of this entry


Smash Bros. Drink Coasters

Smash Bros. Nintendo coasters by Dave Delisle

This one started as a case design for the upcoming Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U, but I felt that drink coasters would be more appropriate. The coasters are based on the “chips” used in the player select screen, and they are stored in a very familiar crate. This set makes for a fun and colorful design that would look at home in your living room or rec room. Read the rest of this entry

Breaking Bad Drinking Glasses

Breaking Bad shot glasses by davesgeekyideas

Yesterday the special edition Blu-Ray case for Breaking Bad was announced, and I really dig the barrel design, almost as much as my design (which could also work as a slipcase, now that I think of it). That said I think the many barrels seen in the show would make for a cool set of drinking cups.

The larger barrels that would double as mugs and the smaller barrels would function as shot glasses. Completing the set are drinking coasters in the shape of wood pallets (the kind you’d find in a warehouse).

I coined the idea for the coasters on my own, but I’m happy to say many others have beaten me to it — you can buy them from several places right now. One difference is my coasters have no gaps on the top where the drink sits, to help prevent fluids from getting to the surface you’re trying to protect; the ones currently on the market don’t appear to be effective in that regard! Those other coasters don’t respect the wood, if you get my reference.

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