TMNT Drink Coasters

TMNT Drink Coaster by Dave Delisle dave's geeky ideas davesgeekyideas

Inspired by the Smash Bros. coaster design I posted a few years ago, I felt a similar design could be done for TMNT. This time, the coasters are sewer covers and pizzas. In addition, the storage box has a fun dispenser feature for dealing out coasters.


Pushing down on the spoiler will cause the Party Wagon to shoot a coaster via friction. The coasters would have a felt lining underneath to protect your table surface (and to help them glide a bit).

Originally I wanted to use the “Pizza Thrower” vehicle but the coasters would be too elevated. Plus I felt that particular vehicle wasn’t as snazzy-looking as the Party Wagon.

All you need are some cocktail swords that are shaped like TMNT weapons to go with this set, and you’ll have a boozefest that outclasses all the wine tastings in Napa Valley combined.

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