NHL ’94 Tabletop Hockey


I was recently looking over some old Coleco table hockey players, and had an idea: die-cut stickers (meaning no white backdrop) on clear plastic blades. This approach would not only look good for those Coleco players, but for pixelated players too.

For an NHL ’94 table, I made some unique sprites that are a better fit for the Coleco blades. Unfortunately, pixelated face-off circles and creases do not look good on the playing surface, so I nixed them. The blue ice, however, does look fantastic.

NHL 94 tabletop hockey design by Dave Delisle

Maybe one day when I am flush with money I’ll commission some resin 3D prints and die-cut stickers to make these a reality.

NHL 94 tabletop hockey design by Dave Delisle

Oops, nearly forgot: player display stands! These are similar to what Gretzky Overtime Hockey did, but with the iconic star and number.

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