Ghostbusters Tiny House

Ghostbusters Tiny House Firehouse by Dave Delisle

If you watch any of those DIY/home renovation channels on TV you might be aware of the latest home craze, tiny houses. These are small mobile homes which can be trucked anywhere with ease. I will now ruin this trend by making it geeky, starting with a design based on the Ghostbusters Firehouse.

Ghostbusters Blu-Ray Case

Ghostbusters Blu-Ray DVD Case Firehouse

This was an old design that has been redone (original post deleted) in light of a recent tower case design I made. It’s a basic slip cover, but with a small LED sign on the front. This would look good in any library.

As pointed out in the comments a similar case was issued for The Real Ghostbusters that predated my design.

Ghostbusters Firehouse Papercraft

Ghostbusters Firehouse Papercraft

I recommend using card stock for this one, it is BIG. Normal paper might buckle. Also, my lame printer does not go as dark as I would like, so yours may be darker (do a test print). And lastly the diagram is designed with thicker card stock in mind, so scaling it down for normal paper might cause a few issues.