Ghostbusters Tiny House

Ghostbusters Tiny House Firehouse by Dave Delisle

If you watch any of those DIY/home renovation channels on TV you might be aware of the latest home craze, tiny houses. These are small mobile homes which can be trucked anywhere with ease. I will now ruin this trend by making it geeky, starting with a design based on the Ghostbusters Firehouse.

In terms of layout, it is almost perfect. I had to move the GB sign out of the way because there was no room for it on the door, so I placed it where it was on the original toy.

The “red garage” can be turned into a pet door. The mast above the garage is now a letter slot. I simplified the crown molding for a more ‘plausible’ look, should this ever be made. Due to weight concerns, bricks were not feasible; this house has a wood exterior.

I wanted a sloped roof on top, so it is concealed within the boxy frame. There are some skylights which come with a sliding cover (which rolls on rails), handy for when you want to dampen the noise from rain.

Tiny House design by Dave Delisle

Sorry I didn’t make an interior (yet), but it would be something like this.  Maybe steps instead of a ladder, and a fireman’s pole of course. I might come back and revisit the interior one day.

Stay tuned for more tiny house designs in the coming weeks.

9 thoughts on “Ghostbusters Tiny House

  1. I love this and have been considering a tiny home. I’m curious though, wouldn’t the enclosed sloped roof cause water build up from rain? I live where it rains all the time so this made me wonder what kind of drainage system could be placed to keep the design as is. Thoughts?

    1. Would be your typical sloped-roof drainage, the “box” on top is more or less a facade (decorative). The drain could be enclosed in the upper crown molding, with a drain pipe or two coming down the back of the house.

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