Ghostbusters Bunk Bed


Actually started on this one before the Jurassic Park bunk bed, but stopped because I felt it looked too much like a School Bus. Thought I’d share it now because it’s still fun to look at.

The ladder is usually on the passenger side of the vehicle, however I moved it over for presentation purposes. The front of the Ecto-1 would serve as a trunk for storage.

18 thoughts on “Ghostbusters Bunk Bed

  1. My brother and I would have died for this bed as kids. I’d most likely be the one dying since I had the top bunk, but that would only help to make our games of Ghostbusters more authentic. Well done!

  2. For those asking: it’s just a design, I do not make or sell these. You’ll have to hire a custom furniture builder to make one. It won’t be cheap, the price will range from several hundred to a few thousand.

  3. Hi, just seen your ghostbusters bunk bed. Wondered if you made them to order and where you are located please?

  4. how much?? lol this is fantasticly amazing, my son is a ghost busters fan at a very young age and would be in heaven to have this. Can you help me on how you started this?

  5. Hi I know you don’t make these and it’s only a design but I was wondering where I could get one of these my kids and I are hge Ghostbusters fans I would mean a great deal to me if you could tell me how much and how long it would take for it to get to me😆😋

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