Star Wars Landspeeder Bed And Other News

Star Wars Landspeeder Bed by davesgeekyideas

Big post today! Like the previous post, here is another bed design that I discarded a few months ago, because several others beat me to the punch. I’m posting it now because I felt there needed to be a design that was more functional and aimed at grown-ups. 

Star Wars Landspeeder Bed by davesgeekyideas

Yes, I had adults in mind for this design, because so many expressed interest in the Ghostbusters and Jurassic Park bunk beds, both of which were intended for kids.

This Landspeeder bed is made of wood and features a queen size mattress frame. I left the sides of the mattress exposed, because I don’t like guard rails banging my legs when I awkwardly get in or out of bed.

Star Wars Landspeeder Bed by davesgeekyideas

The thrusters on the sides operate as end tables, each with a drawer. The overhead thruster operates as a lamp, one that folds away for concealment. The front of the bed could also function as trunk.

In other news:

The folks from Super-Fan Builds on YouTube have asked me to pitch ideas and do mockups for other projects. I helped with some concept work for this Star Trek desk:

Truth be told, my concepts only covered the Enterprise-D from The Next Generation, not the original Enterprise:

Star Trek desk by davesgeekyideas

Also it was a chair and coffee table, not a desk. Did I actually help here? That question will haunt me to my grave.

All jokes aside, I look forward to collaborating with Super-Fan Builds on many projects to come!

Shoe sign by davesgeekyideas and tom spina designs

And lastly I got to do some concept work my friends at Tom Spina Designs again, this time a sign for a shoe store in Ottawa. It was just to outline the installation for city inspectors (the two images on the lower right). The sign turned out great!


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  1. Will the landspeeder bed be available for a wavelets watered mattress? Not a joke…a serious question! Thanks!

  2. can you please make me such a bed? i will pay.. its for my son, thank you !

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