Firefly And Serenity Blu-Ray Case

Serenity Firefly Collector's Edition Blu-Ray DVD Case 2012 Dave Delisle Browncoats

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An obscure but fitting choice for a Blu-Ray case: the media player seen in the film Serenity that River Tam uses to see the plight of Miranda. The size of the player looked perfect, making this case almost a prop replica.

I also want to say right off the bat that this would be ideal for a Blu-Ray player too; might do that another day. For now I decided to make it a case, because the glass casing had this ‘layered’ look in the film, making it appear like a bunch of cases stacked on one another.

Serenity Firefly Collector's Edition Blu-Ray DVD Case 2012 Dave Delisle Browncoats

A few manual clasps at the side would lock the case shut. With the clasps pried loose, four trays would be accessed, holding a total of 6 discs, enough for the complete television series and the feature film. This can be expanded to 8 discs if needed (added discs could go on the bottom of the 4th tray and the case stand itself). Once opened the trays turn like pages in a book.

Serenity Firefly Collector's Edition Blu-Ray DVD Case 2012 Dave Delisle Browncoats

A nice touch would be the illumination of the case via a single blue LED light, which would be activated on demand. This is a feature that would be better for the aforementioned Blu-Ray player idea, but still possible for a case. The light is housed in a detachable module that is plugged into the top disc tray (the two side clasps plug into the module as well); it can also remain affixed when accessing discs. This module functioned as the data storage device in the film, so if you’d like to carry it around with you as a prop that is also an option.

Firefly Complete Series And Serenity Blu-Ray Film 2012 Dave Delisle Shiny

Serenity Firefly Collector's Edition Blu-Ray DVD Case 2012 Dave Delisle Browncoats

What could arguably be a bigger pipe dream than this case is getting FOX and Universal to cooperate and release the television series and film together in one package. FOX owns the TV series while Universal owns the film. To date they’ve done their own respective releases. One possibility is FOX releasing the complete TV series with a few empty slots for the film’s discs, which would be a nice gesture. But then again this media player design is proprietary to the film. *Sigh!*

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  1. I love your work, but this one may be a bit too obscure. I would have gone with either the box River arrived in or the casket from the “Message” episode.

  2. You know what? Mitch is right.

    I enjoy and admire your work all the time, and never say a word. The one and only time I think the idea is too esoteric I open my mouth and complain.

    Sorry, for being an ass.

    Keep up the good work.

  3. Super nice! Can’t wait to see the BD player design.

  4. I doubt this will ever be seen again but oh well.. This idea is BRILLIANT.. but Instead of making it a case.. have the storage device a mounted microsd card.. and the case itself.. frost it, whack in some light blue superbright LED’s and keep the internals as a hooked up media centre.. the diffusion should hide the internals and keep it looking like an incredible idea.. brown coats would love to own this.. do you still have the files? am interested in printing and tinkering..

    • Thanks! Sorry but I no longer have the 3D files, I doubt they’d be much good to you anyway.

      • I’ll take a stab at it regardless. Will be a good project as a housing for my raspberry pi. and maybe a larger version for an itx motherboard. The arms are going to be a pig to fabricate from the looks of it

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