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Geeky Lunch Box Part 2: Mr. Dressup

Mr. Dressup Chest Box 2013 Dave Delisle CBC

Part 1.

If you’re Canadian who is 22 and older, you probably want one of these. As you know I am straight-up gangster, and even I would want one.

All you would need is a red “construction worker” lunch box,  then decorate it (via paint or stickers) with a bunch of pretty flowers.

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2 Culinary Ideas

So here are 2 ideas I actually came up with in the kitchen and use quite often:

1.- Add some frozen broccoli and/or cauliflower to the same pot of boiling water you’re cooking macaroni in for Kraft Dinner. Strain it all together and add the cheese sauce and milk. It tastes amazing. Though a handful of frozen veggies with a box of KD will turn this into 2 servings. Add a bit of extra milk and butter, as the veggies soak up the cheese mix.

2.- Add a tablespoon of vanilla ice-cream to your coffee. Not only do you add a sweetener and creamer, but it helps cool your coffee too. The flavor is as addictive as the ice-cream you add.

Geeky Gadget Wish List #8: Video Game Medkits

Half Life 2 Medkit

So not a gadget exactly. I am trying not to replicate the type of gadget right now, opting to showcase a variety of products. In the future, I will be showing ‘duplicates’ of ideas posted, meaning more alarm clocks, usb gadgets, and so forth.

Today’s item is a First-Aid kit in the guise of a video game ‘medkit’. This could either be hung on the wall in the bathroom or kitchen, serving as an emergency kit. Or it can simply be a small medicine cabinet to store all your hygiene wares by the bathroom sink. A small, compact version could be issued for use as a travel kit. Either way, you can treat yourself like you’ve been through war.

The example illustrated above is from Half Life 2. Many other games have their own unique health kits;  such as Halo, Splinter Cell, Call of Duty, etc.

There might be some legal hurdles with this one…litigious people might see this as a toy inviting to toddlers, or completely overlooked in an emergency. That’s what disclaimers are for! Of all the ideas I have presented, this could very well be the cheapest – the equivalent of mass-producing lunch boxes or DVD tin cases. It’s just a fancy First-Aid box, after all.

Dave’s Ideas will be less ambitious for the next little while…

I just landed a new job with an IP maker (a video game studio), and it is common practice that they would own any ideas or inventions I generate while in their employ.

Not that I am very guarded about what I create and showcase here. These are ideas that use existing properties like Star Wars,  are not very practical, and are intended for the positive benefit of everyone – like the environmentally-themed posts.

My work situation merely translates into a low-key approach over the next few months, likely resulting in a reduced frequency of posts.

What is great however, is these ideas don’t have expiry dates, nor are they time-sensitive. If you are new to this blog, feel free to browse the archive.


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