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IKEA RIBBA Papercraft Part 2: Super Mario Bros

IKEA Ribba Super Mario Bros Diorama Papercraft

IKEA Ribba Papercraft Part 1: Super Mario Bros 3.


This papercraft project was designed and made by Remko Voets, who was awesome enough to share this here with everyone. Thank you Remko!

A few years back I made Mario 3 diorama that was tailored to fit IKEA’s Ribba box frame. That was my last papercraft project. I intended to make more but I hate my printer (the feeling is mutual I think).

Fortunately Remko took the reigns and constructed this beauty. He made two flavors: a simple one with all the art on a single image (which is smart – I went back and did the same for my Mario 3 one), and one where you’d have to assemble everything. After the jump you can find everything you need to make your own.  Read the rest of this entry

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Star Wars Desk

Star Wars Desk Endor Landing Pad Imperial Shuttle

I came across this old idea where I mentioned the landing pad from Return of the Jedi would make for a cool desk. I thought I’d put together a basic concept.

Not only would you have a nice big surface area for your computer, but you’d have several fancy lights, a couple of neat desk grommets, and a system for organizing cables in the “walkways” below.

But wait, there’s more!

Star Wars Desk Endor Landing Pad Imperial Shuttle

You could turn this desk into a playset, I mean, interactive diorama, for your Star Wars figures. The design above is roughly in scale with the 3.75″ line of figures (about 25.5″ tall).

I’m sure most folks would use this as a desk, with the odd Star Wars item for decoration (much like geeks already do).

One thing I’d incorporate should this become a reality: I would make all the elevated walkways telescoping, just like a jet bridge. That way you can collapse them to get more legroom under the desk (the walkways are extended in the second image).

If you’re interested in this or any other of my furniture designs, please contact my pals at Tom Spina Designs, they can provide a quote to build it for you (they are based in New York City fyi).

Howl’s Moving Castle Deadbolt And Doorbell

Howl's Moving Castle Door

Here are some ideas that would bring some personality to your home’s front door: a deadbolt and doorbell fashioned after the ones seen on the “magic teleportation door” from Howl’s Moving Castle. Now you can exit the house in style!

To make both of these items feasible for the real world there are some compromises: the doorbell would be static, because the rotational movement would be too hard to implement; and the deadbolt would only feature two colors instead of four, with red and green being used to show the door as locked and unlocked respectively.

Howl's Moving Castle Door

Because the handle on the deadbolt is square-shaped, it would be hard to tell if the door is locked at a glance. Limiting the display to two colors to show locked/unlocked is ideal for this setup.

All that’s left is making sure the doorbell has that familiar chime heard in the film. To me it sounds more like a typewriter bell than your typical doorbell.

NOTES: I’m sure people much smarter than me could rig a 4-color deadbolt with a doorbell that can rotate (to match the deadbolt), but for everyday use and long-term durability the above setup would be more viable in my opinion.

Like just about everything else I post here these don’t exist, so your only option is the DIY route. The doorbell is easy, just a matter of painting an old bell and adding a pointer (installation might be a headache). As for the deadbolt there are similar items on the market but there are no indicators for the handle side of the door. As of this writing I could not find a custom deadbolt maker.

Smart Mailboxes

Canada Post Urban Delivery 2014 Dave Delisle

The big news in Canada this week is that Canada Post will be phasing out door-to-door delivery for all urban centres (thanks Obama). This means Canadians who currently get mail delivered right to their house will now have to head to their friendly neighborhood communal mailbox to retrieve their mail. Read the rest of this entry

Breaking Bad Drinking Glasses

Breaking Bad glasses

Yesterday the special edition Blu-Ray case for Breaking Bad was announced, and I really dig the barrel design, almost as much as my design (which could also work as a slipcase, now that I think of it). That said I think the many barrels seen in the show would make for a cool set of drinking cups.

The larger barrels that would double as mugs and the smaller barrels would function as shot glasses. Completing the set are drinking coasters in the shape of wood pallets (the kind you’d find in a warehouse).

I coined the idea for the coasters on my own, but I’m happy to say many others have beaten me to it — you can buy them from several places right now. One difference is my coasters have no gaps on the top where the drink sits, to help prevent fluids from getting to the surface you’re trying to protect; the ones currently on the market don’t appear to be effective in that regard! Those other coasters don’t respect the wood, if you get my reference.

Super Mario Bathroom Sink Fixtures

Super Mario Bathroom Sink Fixtures

When it comes to indoor plumbing why not have a Super Mario-themed bathroom sink? You got your mushroom handles, a Warp Pipe faucet, and a Piranha Plant that acts as the lever for the drain plug thingy. You could also enlist a Chain Chomp to act as a drain stopper for an older sink.

Note: it’s not very apparent here, but on top of the mushrooms are round-shaped H and C letters to indicate hot and cold water.

If IKEA Made Geeky Furniture Part 21: Supply Crate Footlockers

Half Life 2 Storage Chest Trunk Footlocker

So there are many names for this container: military footlocker, chest, trunk, tool case, storage container, and on and on. They all serve the same purpose: storage! But for this post I’ll refer to this box as a footlocker, which is appropriate given its usage here.

This footlocker design is based on the ammo supply crates from Half Life 2. There are many other games that have similar supply/ammo crates like Red Faction and Borderlands, but Half Life 2 would be my personal choice for a footlocker.

In theory such a footlocker would be a life-size replica of its video game counterpart, give or take a few inches.

I actually spent a lot of time over the last few months attempting to make this very footlocker for myself. My hope was to find a similar-looking storage case and just paint it, but I had zero luck finding anything comparable.*

Half Life 2 Supply Crate Storage Trunk

What I would love about having such a footlocker is that it can be placed anywhere, just like in a video game. Regardless of the surrounding decor, this footlocker would seem purposeful and important in any location.

I just worry that gamer folks might instinctively approach the footlocker without thinking! I’m kidding, gamers aren’t that habitual. However this footlocker will call attention to itself, a trait that carries over from the game.

Alas there are no geeky storage containers like this in existence. I hope that can rectified in the near future.

*I even went to an Army Surplus store looking for a military footlocker but had no luck. There are lots of cool military cases available online (like this), but nothing I could affix all the labels and stripes to.  The closest I saw were antique army footlockers but those were in rough shape. In the end I opted to grab a few Rubbermaid containers for all my junk.


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