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Lord Of The Rings Jewelry Box

LOTR One Ring Hobbit Jewelry Box 2013 Dave Delisle

Sorry for the lack of posts here lately! I don’t like ignoring this blog ever.

What you see above is a very generic-looking jewelry box for Lord of the Rings, but I want you to ignore how it looks. This idea is about one very simple feature that’s inside the box. Let’s have a look:

LOTR One Ring Hobbit Jewelry Box 2013 Dave Delisle

Inside you’ll find a replica of the One Ring, one that actually emits a fiery light just like its film counterpart. This is because the ring is built into the box and has LED lights embedded within (or just below the surface the ring is perched on). The lights are active when the jewelry box is open.

Essentially it’s a super-geeky fridge light. Nothing against fridges, but a jewelry box is a more appropriate locale for the One Ring, seeing as it rules other rings of power.

I prefer the ring being a permanent fixture for the box, due to the internal electronics and also not having to worry about ring sizes; however I can see it being a removable and wearable item. You could use inductive technology to power lights inside the ring while it is in the box; or the ring could have light-piping and would sit on a halo-shaped LED light cradle.

Regardless this would be a pretty cool case for all your precious keepsakes.

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Jabba The Hutt Necklace IRL

Jabba The Hutt Necklace

Image courtesy of Firefly Photographics

A few months ago I felt a near-death Jabba The Hutt would make for a cool necklace. Jenn from Firefly Photographics liked the idea so much she asked her talented friend fromRude and Reckless to sculpt her one. As you can see it looks awesome! You can check out more pics here.

Who would’ve thought that an ugly giant worm in the throes of death would look so cute?

Special thanks to Jenn for commissioning this tiny doomed Jabba and snapping some great pics of him. And of course muchos kudos to Rude and Reckless for making this awesome piece.

If you’re interested in getting one specially-made it will cost you about $45. You can find Rude and Reckless’ Facebook page here (Etsy site here).

LED T-Shirt Designs

Razer LED T-Shirt Incredibles LED T-Shirt 2013 Dave Delisle

A few years ago I scoffed at the idea of embedding LED lights into a T-shirt. Tacky was the word that came to mind. But then Tony Stark made it look cool, so now you can buy T-Shirts that mimic the appearance of an Arc Reactor beneath the surface of the shirt.

I believe that approach can be applied to a few other designs. Seen above are a few examples:

1. The Incredibles. I thought it would be fun to include the “homing beacon” light seen in the film. Ideally it would only go off once per hour, which would be great for battery life. If it were also feasible I’d have it link up with your phone via Bluetooth, so the light would blink when you got a call or text.

2. Razer Electronics. Okay I’m a bit of a Razer fanboy. I dig their use of ambient LEDs throughout their PC peripherals and laptops. Their logo was the first thing that came to mind when I saw the Arc Reactor t-shirt.

Tardis LED T-Shirt

3. The Tardis. The single light on top of the Tardis would make this an ideal candidate for an LED tee. Sound effects are a possibility.

That’s it for pictured designs. A few other designs that could apply (on the basis of using a single LED light): The Autobot Matrix of Leadership, NHL ’94 goal light, R2D2,  T-800 (single red eye), and Cyclops from the X-Men. Anything else you’d like to see?

If you like these please check out the full-zip hoodies I designed a while back. I also have a designs available for purchase.

Geek Bling Part 10: Jabba The Hutt Necklace

Jabba The Hutt Necklace 2013 Dave Delisle

UPDATE: Etsy’s Rude and Reckless made one, please check it out here. Original post as follows: 

Happy May The Fourth!

This is technically a choke chain (oh I slay me) that features a Jabba The Hutt pendant. There are a few Jabba necklaces out there — much to my surprise — but all lacking the dark humor seen in the design above.

Such a necklace is destined to be worn by geeky girls you do not trifle with. Or worn by those who are a slave to fashion (okay okay I’ll stop).

For other Geek Bling designs click here.

Wolverines T-Shirt Now Available

Wolverines T-Shirt 2013 Dave Delisle 80's Tees

My third T-shirt design for 80′s Tees is now available! It is for the Calumet Wolverines from the film Red Dawn (the 1984 original). Previously I made the design for a hockey jersey on my other site.

It is based on the Letterman jackets the guys wore in the film. And yes, I am holding out hope 80′s Tees makes some Letterman jackets. As far as I can tell, these kind of jackets aren’t really prevalent here in Canada, but for Red Dawn heck yeah I’d love a replica.

My previous designs for 80′s Tees were for Voltron and Direwolves T-shirts.

Geek Bling Part 9: Snowspeeder Necklace

Snowspeeder Necklace 2013 dave delisle Star Wars Jewelry Bling Geek

A necklace based on the Snowspeeder and its grapple line, pretty straightforward. You could have it loop around your neck a few times! Could also work as a bracelet or bolo tie.

Now Available: Handmade Superhero Jewelry

Kryptonite Necklace Superman The Movie 2013 Spider-Man necklace

UPDATE: Looks like Brandi’s Etsy store is down, these are not currently available. Original post as follows:

Last June I posted a Spider-Man necklace design , where I felt the main focus of the item would be the chain doubling as Spidey’s webbing, something that wasn’t done previously (much to my surprise). The design was well-received back then, and it immediately caught the attention of Brandi Burnette, a California native who now calls Lake Gaston, North Carolina home.

She decided to tackle the design, and I’m pleased to share the final results with you, and it looks terrific! Or should I say amazing? Spectacular even? You get the idea.

As you can she completed a very ornate necklace design that captures the look of a Todd McFarlane-era Spider-Man, especially with the webbing. Ladies: if you are wearing this you’ll definitely have to tell the guys (several times) “My eyes are up here.”

She’s selling it for $25 at her Etsy store currently, so grab one while you can. And guys: this would be cool to hang on your wall or window.

After the Spidey necklace I then asked Brandi if she would be interested in making a Kryptonite necklace I posted a few years ago , which was inspired by the chain Superman wore in the first film. She also tackled that with relative ease, and you can see the finished result above. You can head to the listing here to grab one, and they retail for $12. What? Only twelve bucks?! Sweet. It’s a perfect gift for anyone (does not actually weaken people, fyi). Lead-lined box sold separately.

If you are looking for Spider-Man in a different pose or appearance, Brandi can help you. The Kryptonite necklace also has various chain link and gem sizes available.

They both look great and I cannot wait to get my hands on them! Special thanks to Brandi for making these, they are very cool.


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