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Gatorade Shower Head

Gatorade Shower Head For Winners And Champions and those who read Dave Delisle 2013

Now you can shower just like a champion! Except on a more daily basis. And with regular water, not Gatorade. (EDIT: You also could embed an LED in there to make the water change colors. Thanks to Ryan M. for the idea!).

On a lighter note this blog is now 3 years old! Thanks for stopping by and putting up with my weird ideas, much like the one you see above.

Star Wars Central Fireplace

Darth Vader fireplace by davesgeekyideas

As part of my quest to turn anything and everything into some sort of geeky design, I present this central fireplace based on Darth Vader’s meditation chamber. Yes, a fireplace, and yes this is a weird blog.

It seems central fireplaces come in many styles, as they are usually the focal point of the room the are stationed. With their chimneys jutting straight into the ceiling, they appeared similar to Vader’s ‘Man Cave‘, and voila, a geeky fireplace design was born.

Darth Vader fireplace by davesgeekyideas

This fireplace would be able to open and close (be it manually or mechanically), to help adjust the room temperature, or to simply denote there is no fire currently.

Now if you’ll excuse me I have a hankering for some hot cocoa.

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Recycle Bin Design For Automated Residential Pickup


Environment Waste Ideas

Many cities have sanitation trucks with robotic arms that can grab garbage bins from the curb, allowing for expedited collection. This process also extends to recycling collection as well by using the same type of bins, though each bin stores only one type of recyclable waste. Because of the bin’s large volume, and the need to set out multiple bins for different types of recyclable waste, this form of collection is reserved for apartments and commercial buildings.

Most residences have to set out multiple containers like blue boxes or bags, but these require manual pickup by sanitation staff. Having to manually lift all these containers makes for a slower pickup time, and more idling for the truck.

Environment Waste Ideas
So I set out to design a single bin for residences that can keep things sorted, while offering the same convenience as an automated garbage bin. The hope is for a more cost-efficient system of recycle waste collection, saving time, fuel, and manpower.

I have found a simple and elegant solution: by turning the lid of the garbage bin into a separate bin, the container can separate the recyclables effectively. This was done without adding any more moving parts to the existing design.

To further this system, I added partition walls to both sections to allow four separate item types. Partitions in recycle bins are not unprecedented, which is assuring to know because of how the pickup will work:

Environment Waste Ideas


As you can see in the image above, the bin would empty in two steps. After being raised and tilted 45 degrees, the blue section would empty into a reservoir. It would then be fully raised and tilted nearly upside down, emptying the remaining contents into a second reservoir. Both reservoirs would be partitioned, allowing all the contents to remain sorted.

Additional notes about the design:

The ‘cradle’ at the top of the blue box lid is to allow you to open the lid and get at the green bin without spilling anything, making it very accessible. This blue box could also have a lid, but I wanted to preserve the ‘open’ blue box we all know and love today. That is why I also made the bottom of the blue section angled downwards towards the back – to help keep items in.

There would also be numerous labels to remind people what goes where. A few drain openings would also be installed in both sections, beneficial if you are in a rainy city like I am.

Given the larger size of the bin, recycling could be a bi-weekly event for residents (Recycling pickup would still occur every week, alternating between two different regions). The blue bin could be made even larger to accommodate bi-weekly use.

This design would not only make for more efficient collection, but I believe it would be more convenient for those who use them everyday – residents! No more hauling separate containers to the curb.

Older bins could be retrofitted with this new lid, to save money.

Additional applications:

The above design covers all the recyclables collected in my city. Some cities just have the blue box, so theoretically you could hit two birds with one stone and turn the green section into a garbage bin. This way a truck fitted with two reservoirs can collect both garbage and recycling in one go.

Home Exterior Decoration Idea: Lego-fy Your House

Lego House IRL DIY

Happy Halloween! These last few weeks I’ve noticed many homes all decked-out in festive decorations, and it’s really cool to see. It got me thinking about ways to decorate homes in a more permanent fashion.

The first thought that struck me was Lego. Who wouldn’t want to live in a Lego house? It will turn heads, isn’t too garish, and can be a permanent fixture. Best of all it’s extremely geeky.

This can be accomplished by adding cylindrical discs to the roof and chimney top and other horizontally flat surfaces. The fence, walkway, and driveway can also be lined with Lego “bumps”.

I’m not a handyman type of guy, maybe someone can shed some light on how to properly go about this. I have a few theories: Read the rest of this entry

Geeky Beds Part 4: Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park Bed Plush Goat Fences

It’s been awhile since I posted something related to Jurassic Park, fortunately this idea came to mind for the Geeky Bed series.

There are already quite a few bed frames out there (especially from IKEA) that look similar to this bed frame. Just need to slap on some silver paint and alternating lights to mimic the electrical fence from the first film.

While grownups and kids may get a kick out of this design, it just occurred to me it would look much better as a crib, or one of those safety gates you place to keep toddlers/pets at bay as well.

Geeky Power Tools

Geeky Power Tools: Constructicons Decepticons

Power tools are often referred to as toys by those in the handyman segment. These tools are designed to look as good as their functionality, to the point where the color scheme is the brand identity. Many tool jockeys like a uniform set of tools, making them a prized collection of sorts. But what about tools aimed at pop culture savvy geeks?

Currently there are no tools designed to lure in the geeks, and that’s a shame. There are many possibilities that would entice geeks to enter hardware stores, perhaps even for the most minor home project.

Above is a Constructicons-themed power tool. Rather apt for building stuff, if I may say so. To some it may look like a toy, but to a geek it says elite handyman.

Other brands that could be used for a tool line to revolve around: Hot Wheels, Star Trek (engineering), X-Men (based on the mutant Forge, or the Sentinels), Bob the Builder (hey some people would like that!), and Tonka to name a few.

My personal choice would be the Constructicons one. Their distinct color scheme – likely created to avoid lawsuits with Caterpillar and other heavy machinery companies – is just so unique and recognizable.

It would also be so cool if Caterpillar painted their construction vehicles in green and purple. Construction sites would never look the same!

If I Had A Lawn I’d Rent It Out To Bugs Bunny

Bugs Bunny Home In The Ground

If I did have a lawn of any kind, I’d set this up. None of that Gnome or Flamingo business! This lawn ornament idea will give neighbors the impression that a certain silly wabbit has taken up residence on your property. For those who do have a lawn of some kind, they could probably get all this at Home Depot today. The mailbox, decal letters, and a wooden post.

Ideally it would be a smaller mailbox, I just used this size so you can see it in the picture! As for the hole, I recommend burying two small stacked black potting plants, so you can remove the top-most one and empty it if need be. A round black stone could also do the trick. I’d also make the mailbox removable for easier mowing. If you want to mess with the mailman once in awhile you could leave half-eaten carrots strewn about near the hole.

Sorry for all the Looney Tunes posts as of late. I guess when I work on one idea featuring LT, they all sort of creep into my head.


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