Standalone Kraft Cheese Mix


I tend to loot the cheese packets from my Kraft Dinners to add to other pastas or soup, and every time I steal the packet for unintended uses, I lament “Why doesn’t Kraft sell their cheese mix separately?”

Yes it would cannibalize the sale of Kraft Dinners, but I can’t be faithful to just macaroni. I need variety! So please Kraft, sell a bulk container of that cheese mix.

It might even work as a popcorn flavoring. Never tried that.

Bonus food tip: add frozen veggies (like broccoli and cauliflower) to your Kraft Dinner pasta while it’s cooking. You’ll need to add a bit more margarine and milk, but the veggies taste so good in cheese mix.

Unrelated food tip: add a tablespoon of vanilla ice cream to your coffee. You have a sweetener and creamer in one, and it cools your coffee too!

Another food tip: add banana extract to your diet cola. Just a splash per glass. So good.

8 thoughts on “Standalone Kraft Cheese Mix

  1. Thanks Lila. I’m most proud of this one too. Kraft actually got back to me on this one after I submitted it. I wish I didn’t delete their email, but it was something along the lines of:

    “We don’t own these products, they are distributed to several countries, so unfortunately we cannot make this” and I am like, what? Did you even read what I sent you guys?

    Fail Kraft Fail.

  2. I would absolutely LOVE for Kraft to release this!

    In the 80s, small canisters of the goodness were available with the same ingredients as Mac&Cheese. I’d use it to give an extra kick to veggies, popcorn and of course, Mac&Cheese!

    I haven’t seen it in stores for years, and figured they stopped making it. Your post made me Google it and I found the following:

    Sadly, this seems to mainly be intended as a popcorn topper now, going by a few of the reviews 😦 Still, I’ll have to order some to see if it’s any good.

  3. I’m a little surprised you could buy something like that on Amazon!

    Kraft is missing out on a big market.

    But your point that it was available in the 80’s is a bit surprising. I guess they already gave it a shot.

  4. Kraft Dinner powdered cheese has been available at Bulk Barn for years. I love this idea though and also remember when the grocery store used to sell the shaker container but it didn’t taste the same since once opened it needed to be refrigerated and then didn’t taste quite the same. The Bulk Barn stuff is perfect though.

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