Duracell Battery Coffee Thermos Container

Duracell Thermos by Dave Delisle

I post lots of ideas, but once in a while I am shocked – shocked – that a particular item doesn’t already exist. Case in point: this thermos/beverage container fashioned after a Duracell coppertop. Considering our dependency on coffee as a source of energy, it makes perfect sense. It also helps that the design of the battery closely resembles your typical thermos.

It might look a little alarming to a passerby to see someone open a giant battery and casually drink its contents, but that is part of the charm of this design. I can also envision people asking to be ‘recharged’ when they fill this up at a Dunkin’ Donuts/Tim Hortons.

This design would only work with Duracell batteries as they are iconic and immediately recognizable. Plus the coppertop makes for the perfect partition between the cup and container.

One thing I couldn’t get my head around was that protruding contact at the top of the battery, because the cup needed to sit flat. So I just designed the contact to sink into a cavity when the cup is resting on a surface. An internal spring would keep the contact pressed outward, to maintain the appearance of a battery when the cup is affixed to the thermos.

10 thoughts on “Duracell Battery Coffee Thermos Container

  1. You know, this idea would also work great as a sports bottle, with the button on top acting as the pull-up nozzle that are on sports bottles.

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