Superman Cape Towel

Superman Cape Towel design by Dave Delisle

One of the first items I designed for my “Geeky IKEA” series was a desk based on the Fortress of Solitude. In truth, that idea was far less ambitious than I originally envisioned. What I wanted was a WHOLE bathroom based on the Fortress, one that would feature a sink that looked like the crystal control panel, a shower cabinet which resembled the chamber that turned Superman into a human (Superman II), lots of frosted glass – the whole nine yards. The topper was some towels that were plain blue, and one that looked like Superman’s cape.

I abandoned that idea because I felt it was too ambitious and  I didn’t want to deal with a toilet ruining the concept! So I just went with the desk.

Then I remembered the cool towels. And just like the previous post, I am surprised these don’t exist! It just makes sense that geeks — well, men in general — would love to have the cape hanging there when not in use. As if to announce hey I am Superman, just gotta hang up my cape while I wash-up. And yes, many ladies would like to be Supergirl too.

This only works with Superman/Supergirl, as they were the only heroes to have a logo prominently on the cape. I suppose you could do a black Batman cape with multiple pointed ends, but it is nowhere near as iconic-looking as this.

Like I said these aren’t available at all, but you could easily have these made wherever they personalize towels. The logo would need to sit near the middle, like the above example (a long towel folded over a rack).

3 thoughts on “Superman Cape Towel

  1. Of course it has to come with snaps or velcro at the “top” so kids can play Superman without having a huge towel knot under their chin, like I always did.

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