Super Mario Curtains

super mario shower curtain design by Dave Delisle

You could probably accuse me of phoning this idea in, as it is merely a screenshot of curtains imposed onto an actual curtain (there’s an Inception joke in there somewhere). But what I am trying to do here is make this an actual product.

I’ve found a few Etsy people who specialize in sublimated bedding and curtains, and I believe this design would make for a good candidate. As for bedding, I’m hoping for something along the lines of the duvet cover pictured here. With matching cartridge pillow case!

This design is ideal for the shower curtain, especially if you have black and white checkered tiling present. It could also be employed for windows too.

Superman Cape Towel

Superman Cape Towel design by Dave Delisle

One of the first items I designed for my “Geeky IKEA” series was a desk based on the Fortress of Solitude. In truth, that idea was far less ambitious than I originally envisioned. What I wanted was a WHOLE bathroom based on the Fortress, one that would feature a sink that looked like the crystal control panel, a shower cabinet which resembled the chamber that turned Superman into a human (Superman II), lots of frosted glass – the whole nine yards. The topper was some towels that were plain blue, and one that looked like Superman’s cape.