Iron Man Garage Set

Iron Man DUM-E Garage Set by Dave's Geeky Ideas

After I posted that THOR Hammer Tool Box a few months ago my first thought was, Iron Man is the handy one, he should get a cool tool set too. Tony Stark’s love of cars inspired me to create something specifically for garage-dwelling gearheads: a DUM-E robot comprised of things found in your typical garage.

Iron Man DUM-E Garage Set by Dave's Geeky Ideas

DUM-E is made up of a shop-vac, pressure washer, mechanic’s creeper, and leaf blower. The latter three all attach to the main vacuum body, and can be removed as needed.

THOR Hammer Tool Kit

THOR Hammer Tool Kit by Dave's Geeky Ideas

When it comes to tools there isn’t much in the way of geeky-themed hardware or accessories. Hoping to address this oversight, I present a THOR Hammer tool kit, for those times when you need to swing a hammer. This compact tool box features several tools and a socket set, for those minor jobs around the house that call for a superhero.

THOR Hammer Tool Kit by Dave's Geeky Ideas

When not being carried around for Asgardian cosplay, this hammer opens up to reveal all the tools stored inside. The handle is shared with an actual hammer, which is fastened into a removable tray. Beneath the tray is a reservoir for loose tools and nuts/bolts.

Star Wars Cooler

Star Wars Sandcrawler Cooler by davesgeekyideas

As you probably know, geeks enjoy going to the beach so they can kick sand at helpless muscleheads, because we need to assert our dominance constantly. All of the taunting and bullying can make a geek thirsty, so it’s imperative to keep cold beverages nearby. With that dilemma in mind, I give you: the Sandcrawler cooler!

A Few Small Ideas

Zelda Gravestone Graveyard Cemetery

1. Cartridge Tombstones. I thought this was too macabre to post here, but it’s been popular on Tumblr so it can’t be all bad. Sure it’s a fun spin on tombstones, but I doubt any cemetery would permit them. However that will change when we geeks complete our world takeover in 2019. I said too much.

Balrog Street Fighter in Punch-Out!!

2. Modding Punch-Out!! If I had the technical know-how, I would love to edit the game sprites to include some pop culture boxers: Balrog from Street Fighter (above); Rocky, Ivan Drogo, Appolo Creed, and Mr. T from the Rocky movies; Honey Roy Palmer (what? I like Diggstown); the Kangaroo from Looney Tunes; and I know I’m forgetting a few. As for real boxers like Tyson and Ali, I feel they are best left to EA’s Fight Night sim.

Borg Charging Station iPhone Dave Delisle Star Trek

3. Borg Wireless Charging Station. This is an old post, but I remade the art and I think it looks coo. I’ve been redoing art for a bunch of older stuff lately. Here is another example.

And that’s all for this roundup. If this were a YouTube video I’d be begging you to subscribe about now (though I’ll settle for being bookmarked). Have a nice Tuesday.

Star Trek Tablet Easel

Star Trek tablet cradle by Dave Delisle

This is a geeky easel for parking your tablet on your desk. The design is based on Picard’s computer from his ready room in the TNG series. The tandem of the tablet and easel makes it appear like a functioning Star Trek computer (which was also touchscreen on the show). This prop would be a great addition for geeks who refer to their workspace as a “ready room”.

It features an adjustable backboard (to tilt your tablet) and a Lazy Susan to swivel it in place. You could go a step further and make it a charging dock as well. The front section could also provide some storage space (for office stationary). If you want to be really fancy a fake back-lit screen could be included in the easel for when there is no tablet in place.

If you like this please check out some other fun Star Trek designs.

Fargo Wood Chipper Pencil Sharpener

Fargo Wood Chipper 2013 Dave Delisle

As far as geeky office stationary goes, the red Swingline stapler from Office Space is both iconic and emblematic of the film it is associated with. I believe there needs to be more office solutions that are in the same vein as the Milton’s prized stapler.

With that in mind I have devised this tandem: an electric pencil sharpener that looks like a wood chipper, and a detachable pencil eraser that looks like a sock-covered foot. This is a fun reference to the (SPOILER) gruesome wood chipper scene at the end of Fargo.

I made the above animation for the purpose of humor. The pencil would not be tossed about when sharpened. Also the external case to hold pencil shavings is one option; a reservoir beneath the wood chipper would probably be a lot tidier.

Fargo Wood Chipper 2013 Dave Delisle

 These wouldn’t be ‘replica props’ like the Swingline stapler, however I feel they provide a very unique take on everyday pencil sharpeners and erasers. I’d put them on my back-to-school shopping list that is for sure.

Photoshop Keyboard

Photoshop keyboard by Dave's Geeky Ideas

Fellow artists will probably mock me for this (can’t handle quick keys, Dave?), but yeah this is something I would like when I am working in Photoshop. Just something I can park in front of me for switching tools on the fly. This would be similar to smaller keypads used for PC games.

I called it a keyboard but it is mostly made of dials, allowing you to toggle between the subset of tools as well. Each dial or button would have a light indicator to show what is in use. The two color palettes would have RGB LEDs to approximate colors in use as well. Each tool would be touch activated, no need for button presses.

This would be about 8 – 9″ long, and 1  1/2″ wide.  The dials in this design scroll side-to-side, but many would probably prefer the up-down orientation (D’oh shoulda just done that).

Initially I wanted to design something where you could just swap out keypad icons to allow for other programs to use this besides Photoshop, but those subset menus warranted dials.

Bonus Idea: I’d like to see smartphones or tablets become extensions of workstations, where toolbars and color docks can reside. That way you can just tap on the small screen in front of you to switch tools or colors or whatever. It would be a convenient means of interacting with your software program, ideal for art or video editing. Essentially it would be like adding the Razer Blade screen to your standard keyboard and mouse setup.