War On Plastic

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Time to get controversial? I believe it’s good we’re making some strides towards eliminating single-use plastics, it’ll be very interesting to see how companies innovate and adapt. That said I’d like to highlight some products that could do better.

  • Tic Tacs:¬†Remember Nerds candy? They come in cardboard boxes with a handy dispenser flap. I don’t see why Tic Tacs can’t adopt the same approach. Yes the packaging isn’t as sexy, but it’s all you need.
  • Coke, Pepsi, and Water: A small company called Jolt released an energy drink in a resealable aluminum can (the “battery” bottle), All smaller plastic bottles could go this route. This is ideal for the 500ml – 1L sizes, bigger bottles will still need to be plastic.
  • Yogurt, Pudding, Sour Cream, and Margarine: put these in cardboard dairy cartons, especially the single-use stuff like yogurt and pudding. Would it be a pain to open and eat from? You betcha! Margarine and Sour Cream could be sold in larger cartons that are resealable.


  • Ferrero Rocher:¬†They sell their chocolates in large thick plastic cases. Yes they are nice to look at, and super-durable in order to protect the chocolate treats, but I would downgrade to something like egg cartons, which would be equally protective. I know this flies in the face of “gourmet” and “premium” chocolates, but if every other fancy chocolate product can make-do with cardboard boxes, so can Ferrero Rocher.

Other products like Oreo cookies, which come in a plastic tray, should consider a cardboard egg carton approach as well.


I propose an outright ban disposable lighters too. That would leave matches or refillable lighters as the lone options for smokers. Unless BIC can fashion a lighter with an aluminum casing/button. Even so, I’m not even sure there would be a safe way to recycle aluminum lighters, to be honest (maybe refill them and send them back to market).

Disposable pens, also made popular by BIC, could have wood for the outer shell. Or maybe we should go back to using feathers and ink wells? Nah.

I also believe supermarkets should sell liquid products in bulk. Things like condiments (ketchup), laundry detergent, dish soap, shampoo, hand soap, and cleaners. Folks would need to bring in their own bottles and containers for refill. It would require a complicated checkout system to ensure stores aren’t getting ripped off, that’s the major hurdle.

If I think of more I may put together another post in the future. Feel free to share your suggestions in the comments!

3 thoughts on “War On Plastic

  1. These are all good suggestions. The clear plastic cases for fruits and vegetables, these could be cardboard too. I can buy a big cardboard box full of blueberries or mandarin oranges, not sure why smaller packs are in plastic. Those can be in cardboard as well.

  2. Nerds have come in closeable cardboard boxes for years. I think every gum, mint, small candy could do the same.

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