Planet Express Electric Scooter


This Futurama-themed electric scooter reminds me of Pee-Wee Herman’s bicycle, a testament to all that is colorful, retro, and zany. It screams fun to me, but I can see this being hideous to many other people.

Saw those electric scooters during my visit to Indianapolis last month, and I thought they were pretty interesting. My only complaint, besides those evil sidewalk-riders, was that they were mostly black and didn’t stand out. Some color and personality would remedy this, might make pedestrians and drivers more aware of them too.


I don’t know if any bike messenger service would enlist scooters to deliver packages, but wouldn’t it be hilarious if couriers started to use these Planet Express scooters? Very meta.futurama-planet-express-electric-scooter-bird-xiaomi-spaceship-2019-dave-delisle-davesgeekyideas-daves-geeky-ideas


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