THOR Hammer Tool Kit Now Available

Thor Hammer Tool Kit by Dave Delisle

UPDATE (January 20th 2020): Currently available at Amazon.

I am very pleased to announce that the THOR Hammer Tool Kit design I posted last year is now a thing you can purchase! It is currently available from Thinkgeek (USA), Zing (Australia), and EB Games (Canada). Other international retailers will be announced soon.

When I threw the design together I included the most common household tools. Thinkgeek and UKONIC managed to stay true to that and even added a few more items. This set is a whopping 44-pieces!


I’ve yet to receive mine but I am quite impressed with the detail of the Mjolnir casing. The latches and hinges are concealed nicely too. The hammer and tools look great, I like how uniform the set is.

It weighs over 5 pounds so if you plan to carry it around as a prop you might want to empty its contents first. Also do not throw this at Hela.

I want to thank Martin Butler of UKONIC, who rolled the dice on my concept and put this product together. He and his team did a great job on the final product. I also want to thank Thinkgeek for their support and enthusiasm towards this product too.

And of course this wouldn’t be possible without your support! Many folks visited this site and shared the original design, causing it to go viral and turn a lot of heads. Thanks to everyone who voiced their desire to own one, or just thought it was a neat concept worth sharing. Cheers!

There will be more designs that will be made real in the not-too-distant future so stay tuned for those.

23 thoughts on “THOR Hammer Tool Kit Now Available

  1. Dave, you’ve no idea how excited I was to see this is being made. Your original design for it is what brought me to your page. Let’s hope more of your ideas come to fruition.

    This is a great idea. Congratulations!
    Does it come with the tools?

  3. Think geek has been sold out for over a month Dave where can I buy one of these and how much longer until more come into stock?

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