Colecovision HD Design


About 3 years ago ATGames released the Colecovision Flashback, a throwback console that looked decent and featured a solid collection of games, but unfortunately had poor sound and controls. They’ve yet to release a second version, but with HDMI conversions being all the rage these days, I’m sure a Flashback 2 is inevitable. That said I thought I’d take a stab at designing one.

Colecovision Flashback design by Dave Delisle

I felt a more compact and ergonomic controller like the Wiimote would be ideal. With a shoulder and trigger button, this controller could be played with one hand. It can also be oriented to play like a NES gamepad too, just like the Wiimote was able. It features a real analog stick.

Colecovision overlays by Dave Delisle

The overlay cards are now gone, thanks to the extra space of an HD display. Pressing the ‘?’ button on a controller will display an onscreen overlay. The game is shifted to the left, and overlay directions are shown on the right. Game tutorials and tips could also be shown in this fashion.

This console design is about 1/3 smaller than the Colecovision Flashback, and the controllers here are also about half the size too. Thought I’d put the space savings to use and bring back a feature from the original Colecovision: controller storage!


Just lift the flap to access the wireless controllers. The original Flashback was a big hollow box (which people have used for RetroPie conversions), so may as well use that space for something.

While I was making this I recalled that Coleco stood for Connecticut Leather Company, which might explain the leather texture that adorned the system and controllers. Very meta move, Coleco!

One thought on “Colecovision HD Design

  1. Very nice can you make one for me? I’ have my original still but would love one with all games instead of the 20 or so i had. But how does the numbers work because you have to use those to select difficulty in game also?

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