THOR Hammer Tool Kit

THOR Hammer Tool Kit by Dave's Geeky Ideas

When it comes to tools there isn’t much in the way of geeky-themed hardware or accessories. Hoping to address this oversight, I present a THOR Hammer tool kit, for those times when you need to swing a hammer. This compact tool box features several tools and a socket set, for those minor jobs around the house that call for a superhero.

THOR Hammer Tool Kit by Dave's Geeky Ideas

When not being carried around for Asgardian cosplay, this hammer opens up to reveal all the tools stored inside. The handle is shared with an actual hammer, which is fastened into a removable tray. Beneath the tray is a reservoir for loose tools and nuts/bolts.

THOR Hammer Tool Kit by Dave's Geeky Ideas

I just hope this thing isn’t too heavy to lug around! I mean, not that it would be a problem for us geeks (*grunt*). Looking at this now, I reckon it could also make for a neat lunchbox.


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  1. THIS IS YOUR BEST ONE YET! Lets make it.

  2. Seriously I can make this. I already have a very good model of the hammer and just a little be of modification I could make it. First version would have to be out of resin for a prototype. But then we can have it made out of CNC thick aluminum.

  3. Please make this. ..then take my money. ..

  4. This is honestly, and feel free to ignore me… but this is honestly and sincerely one of the most fantastic concept ideas that I have EVER had the Asgardian pleasure of witnessing.

    If you require ANY assistance in making this concept more than a pipedream… then, please, do not hesitate to add me on Facebook or simply send me a private message on there introducing yourself and the plan of action that You would like to take.

    Kindest regards and thank you,

    Mr. Steven R. Osborne-Garnett

    • Mr. Steven R. Osborne-Garnett,
      I am no inventor, but I am an innovator of sorts.
      I have been working on some things for quite some time and believe it or not, these are of an Asgardian nature as well.
      I can assure you that these things are golden ideas that I’m working hard on and the only reason that they aren’t on the shelves yet is that I work hard to support my wife and son, yet I’m still coming up short on the start up capital.
      If you be so kind, I’d like it if you could spare a little time to hear me out?

      • Maybe just get a kickstarter? I can see enough people willing to support you, so if you get a kickstarter you are just about guaranteed to get a humongous starting capital. One possible issue could be copyrights though, you might have to check in with an expert on that.

      • That is how it’s been for me I have 9 inventions that I believe each one will make mill/billions but having 5 kids it’s been hard getting this first one to market but I’m weeks away now . It’s been 3 years in the making but I’m doing it right which will fund my other 8 and many more . Persistence will pay off do not give up I’m disappointed these are not for sale yet . I need 4 for me and my 3 sons

  5. Take my money! I want one.

  6. This idea rocks! As long as you don’t skimp on quality. Use quality tools and a quality “toolbox” – and it should be worth it. I’d certainly buy one!

  7. This is awesome! Absolutely love this idea and know quite a few people that would buy one.

  8. Now – this would be a really great thing – if it becomes real. Only thing i`m worried about is quality – as so many ‘quality’ tools forget to put ‘bad’ in front of it. So, please – make this real, with actually good quality tools – and you`ll have yourself a customer.

  9. Omg I seriously would love to own one of these. Please please please make this, I’ve never said this before but I actually want to give you money. lol

    A huge fan of this idea
    Dani Mo

  10. I’m in agreement with a lot of people here, is this thing could actually be made/go into production the damn thing would sell like Asgardian hotcakes

  11. This is a great idea. I would buy one of these. I know a few of my friends would too. Would have to be quality tools though and a hardy box. Let me know if you make it.

  12. This is a great idea. I would buy one of these and I know several of my friends would too. Gotta be quality tools and box though. Let me know if you develop this.

  13. please Kickstart the shit out of this.


  15. Shut up and take my money!

  16. I want one and a lunchbox!

  17. Shut up and take my money

  18. I’m setting aside money for the inevitable Kickstarter. Because this is too awesome to not exist.

  19. If anyone makes rhese, please let me know. I know a few people that are extremely interested.

  20. This should totally be produced! You’d have a HUGE market base for this 🙂

  21. I need to get this for my husband for father’s day. Please make this. Please please please.

  22. Please manufacture I’m in. I would love one for my AVENTURE.

  23. Please. Take my money! Where do I get this.

  24. how much ?

  25. Make it with good quality toolas and I will buy one.

  26. Ill buy! I was already looking for the link!

  27. As an engineer and a geek, I would love to have this in my home! I really hope you do a kickstarter or something for this. I will absolutely support it!

  28. I’m a girl and I work around the house a lot so, can you make it in pink or purple instead of red? I’ll buy it anyway but it would be cool to have it in one of those colors. Seriously, just name the price.

  29. Please take my money

  30. Definitely a good idea. I’d want one mainly for the cosplay

  31. I would buy at least 2 of these.

  32. First time to this site. Lured here by a Facebook post of this.
    Make this. I will buy it.
    Kickstarter and I will help fund it.

    Why are you still reading? Go! Now!

  33. I want one hit me up if this ever becomes available

  34. Kickstart this! I want one! This is genius! It would be perfect in my geeky house!

  35. Would definitely support a kickstarter for this.

  36. Hi I was just wondering how much the thor hammer toolbox is please

  37. This is amazing, make it please.

  38. any news of when this thing will be created? Kickstarter anything. I have money.

  39. I want one

  40. I want to give someone money for this. Please make it.

  41. I’d LOVE to get this. Then, when my wife complains that nothing is getting fixed around the house, I can say it’s because I’m not worthy…

  42. I will pre-order right now if needed. I really really want this!



  45. I’m a stagehand & need tools like this. I’m definately interested.

  46. ThinkGeek would probably be very interested in this. Not sure how much profit you’d make, but it’s an idea. They can create new products like this if there is a demand for it. Make sure you jump through the legal hoops you need to to protect your design if you go this route, but I’d love to see this for sale somewhere. Good Luck!

  47. Time for a kickstarter!! I need one for the house.

    Take my money!

  48. I would buy several… 1 for the house, 1 for my husband, 1 for me…

  49. Amazing idea, would be kind of heavy, and the bits would probably rattle unless the inside is foam instead of plastic. Also consider adding a level.

  50. Make this now. PLEASE. I NEED THIS. Always looking for tools around my house. Nerdy tools? Hell yes.

  51. Sweet Mother Hubbard – I need one of those in my life. Now !

  52. Kickstarter this NOW

  53. I clicked hoping to purchase. Please make it!

  54. Regarding the “Thor Hammer Tool Kit”;
    where can I purchase this please?

  55. Cassandra Taylor

    Where can I buy this. Is this not a thing really available,, is their a kickstarter????? Seriously worst tease ever

  56. Careful, the copyright po-po will be all over this like white on rice if you don’t get licensing 😀 Great idea, I would buy it!

  57. I would also buy this.. and if you wanted to get real fancy you could emboss / engrave one of 1000 different designs for Mjolnir on the outside of the case… hell make a girly one and sell it to the ladies as well. This is so kickass it needs to be made. You could also do some sort of kickstarter fundraising for it, and let people donate, towards to making and if donation is ABC amount, then they’d be on the list receive one of the kits when they are completed.. Seriously.. DO THIS.

  58. I really want to get one for my husband!!

  59. Okay, I would really love this, as a woman who loves tools and a hard core Thor fan, not just Marvel Thor, but the god. So, please, for all the love I bear my children, make this reality! I need one in my home!

  60. Totally will buy one if you ever get it launched, and I know a lot of other people who will too!


  62. how do I ordered one

  63. Put it on kickstarter, I’d invest in one of those

  64. Make this please!!!

  65. “I just hope this thing isn’t too heavy to lug around! I mean, not that it would be a problem for us geeks (*grunt*).”

    If you can’t carry it, you are not worthy.

  66. This is genius, I’d like to put in an order as soon as you start making these. 🙂

  67. Where the $#!+ do I buy this?!?!?

  68. I know have access to at least three groups of enthusiasts that would fully support a Thor Hammer Tool Kit… not to mention I want one for myself, one for my spouse, and have at least three kids that would then HAVE to have their own

  69. I’d buy one

  70. I need this in my life as of yesterday, get building this fine piece of art

  71. I want this. I went on Amazon thinking I could but one today. If you sell it at least one person will buy it. ME!!

  72. I am an artist, and I would love to adapt one of these to take my art supplies to comic conventions. The end of the handle could unscrew, and you could store paint brushes or pencils, and where the sockets go in the tool box, could be designed to hold pots of paint. I agree with some to the other folk, it would make a great lunchbox as well. I too was looking for a link where I could buy this.

  73. This is genius! Are you doing a kickstarter?

  74. Please market this.I’m a comic book collector and I work in Theatre as a technician. I WANT THIS BAD!

  75. WANT!! Kickstart this thing already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. MAKE THIS HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! $

  77. Please kickstarter this immediately.

  78. Can’t…stop…throwing…money…at…screen….

  79. we need this now i got two buyers ready to go.

  80. This would be the first purchase I made before sending my son off to college…please make it! He’s drooling over the picture already!

  81. I’d buy one in a heartbeat

  82. This is a magnificent idea. The same as everyone here, I’m more than happy to chip in for a kickstarter.

  83. I will buy it!!

  84. Saw this on FB and tracked it here.. MAKE THIS or do whatever you need to do like.. kickstarter or whatever.. I NEED this!! And look at all these ppl wanting this!! Make it happen!! I’m VERY interested!!!

  85. Just wondering where do you purchase one of these tool boxes??

  86. I’d order one!!!

  87. Scarlet Broadbent

    I seriously need this for my husband someone please hurry and make it

  88. Sweet merciful Minerva, I want one for the trunk of my car. And the other car, and our truck.

  89. I need this in my life!

  90. I would order it right now!

  91. I need this. Badly. Please kickstarter this, or something like that. I can’t tell you how much this woman needs to fix her Harley with this.

  92. How much for Thor’s hammer tool kit I want one 😀

  93. Brilliant idea, would really love to get the chance, to buy one of these. Seems perfect for a kickstarter.

  94. Prairie-Dawn Sibulak

    Make a prototype, put it on, then shut up and take my money!

  95. This is awesome,I would buy one for my husband and my daughter!!!

  96. Sandie Gudmundsson-Davies

    I was really hoping I could buy one of these! I really hope you get them made it would be the perfect gift for my dad. His name is Thor and he is a builder. I’m not kidding.

  97. Shut up and take my money is that tool box real I need that in my life

  98. Is their a kickstarter for this ???

  99. How can I purchase the Thor hammer tool kit ?

  100. I agree with the comments. I stumbled on this site hoping to buy this tool set.

  101. I need this, I want this, please make it!! PLEEEAASSE!!

  102. I need this in my life how do I get one

  103. I need to have this!!! Kickstart, gofundme, something!!!! This needs to be!

  104. I need one for my dad for Father’s day….

  105. Kickstarter this I need a few.

  106. Kickstarter

  107. Please make this

  108. Love it, would want it big time. Even more so with a mini sledge instead of a claw hammer.

  109. I would like to have this, this is great.

  110. Where can buy it!! I want one


  112. I would kickstart the shit out of this.

  113. If you guys ever get this off the ground I would definitely buy it. Let me know.

  114. Adrian Martinez Santos

    I want

  115. Awsome, how much is this?

  116. I WANT THIS SO BAD!!! 👍😆😝😜😍😘

  117. I want to buy this .. Wherecan i get this and whats the price

  118. How I can’t have one

  119. If your testing the market for buyers, I’ll have a tool box version in aluminium. Your seams are going to be welded in part so production costs will soar but if you have different versions in different materials Then your market will grow. Kids, Geeks and collectors. lunch boxes and tool kits

  120. Graciela de la Parra

    Do it !!!… Please… O need it for my son , and I will bough it as soon as possible

  121. How and where do I buy this please

  122. Shut up and take my money!!

  123. Tiffany Dellacamera

    I want this toolbox!! I am a superhero nerd!!

  124. Will this be on the market soon? My husband would love this!

  125. Please make. I would totally buy one.

  126. I want one. Please make & sell them.

  127. I would so buy this!
    If its not made then please make it, if its made and ready to be sold I need to know where and how to purchase it 🙂

  128. I want one for my boyfriend RIGHT NOW!!! where can I found it?? I’m from Argentina!

  129. Why is this not on Kickstarter?

  130. KICKSTART THIS, PLEASE!! (with good quality tools)

  131. My boyfriend would freak out!! He needs this in his life!

  132. I want one

  133. I’m sure there’s easier ways than a kick starter to get this going. I’m more than 100% sure any of the top name tool companies would be willing to help make this dream a reality and also have the money to purchase the rights needed from Marvel to make it happen. I have looked through almost your whole site and this has to be the greatest idea you have posted along with the ironman vacuum kit. I would love to see both of these one day. I would prepay for both right now. *pulls out visa* where do I sign?

  134. How can I get one of those epic thor hammers✨💪!!! What a great idea 👍👏

  135. I’ll buy 2 of them! One for my mechanic Boyfriend and one for me!

  136. damn!!!!! i want this!!!! if it could be made with high quality tools and cost under 50$ i would buy it for sure!!!!!!

  137. I need this kit for my girlfriend where can I get it!??

  138. Why are you not taking my money yet ?

  139. Very cool tool box! The only thing missing is a leather loop from the bottom of the handle, which would help with carrying too 😛

  140. Peter laughlin

    Let me know when it’s ready

  141. Seriously please make this

  142. Oh man if this were available for Fathers day… DAMN.

  143. I’d definitely buy it! I work in commercial hvac and I use all of the tools shown here. I’m curious though, can the bit driver have a removable center shift like a 6-in-1 tool? One end with a 1\4 drive and 5/16 on the other? I’d only ever really need to take this with me.

  144. I would love to have this in my home. Is there any work towards making this a reality?

  145. Sign me up right now!

  146. …..waiting to input my cc number……

  147. I love this! I would buy this for my husband

  148. Make it happen. I will give you all the monies!

  149. This would be perfect for my job. Who wouldn’t want stuff fixed by Thor? !

  150. I will buy two of this is made, one for my father who is my hero, and one for myself because I free up learning how to be a nerdy handy man like my dad. Please please please make this!!!!!

  151. I would buy this!

  152. Kickstarter this puppy. I will DEFINITELY order one.

  153. Arwein Gunnell

    NEED. THIS. Kickstarter or something, just please please please make this happen.

  154. I’d buy this assuming the socket set was good quality. I’d be sure to get a tight fit for them in the case so they don’t get jostled around from the imminent swinging of the cosplay hammer lol

  155. Jason Dincauze

    Make please yes.

  156. Juliet Paulson

    I HAVE TO BUY THIS FOR MY DAD. He’s a massive Thor fan and worked in construction most of his life. Please make it a reality!!

  157. Richard Wright

    Oh, wow. This really needs to be manufactured. You’d sell a ton.

  158. Michael Lewallen

    I seriously need this in my life. I would buy this a heartbeat and I know a lot of geeky friends that would as well.

  159. PLEASE make this a reality!!

  160. Joanne Shambrook

    I want one!!

  161. Where can I get one of these?? I’m thinking of getting it as a present for my fiancé
    Thanks x

  162. Daniel Buckless

    I would help fund this endeavor, and purchase this amazing tool set.

  163. Will Thor Matlock

    Can you make this real please!? Im an 18 Wheeler Diesel engine tech. I would pay whatever to have this. My name patch says Thor. I need it

  164. I want one please make it and ill buy it

  165. How do I buy one of these?

  166. Are u selling these Thor tool boxes ?

  167. I love hammer Mighty Thor is great tool.

  168. Justin Macumber

    The longer it takes for this to be real is the longer you put off being a millionaire. This is BRILLIANT.

  169. i subscribed to this whatever site just to make a comment that i want to buy this, seriously how is this not a thing already

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