Crumb-Buster Cereal Container

Crumb-buster cereal container tupperware design 2018 Dave Delisle davesgeekyideas Dave's Geeky Ideas

I’m a little embarrassed to post this, because it has that “seen on TV gizmo” vibe, so apologies in advance. This is my take on cereal Tupperware containers, and it combats those small crumbly bits that taint the last bowl of Cheerios.

It’s like a normal container, but with 2 major additions: a sieve to strain all the crumbs, and a reservoir tray to catch (and keep) all those crumbs. Here is a fancy diagram to explain:


The slope at the of the bottom of the container guides all the crumbs towards the sieve at the back (figure A), causing them to fall into the reservoir below. When you pour some Lucky Charms, all the crumbs stay in the reservoir, because of gravity and no sieve on the front section of the container (figure B). Crumbs are trapped!

The reservoir on the bottom seals like the lid on the top, but I added a couple of fasteners just to ensure crumbs aren’t accidentally spilled all over the place.

It’s an overkill solution to a minor inconvenience, but I hate those crumbs. I will scoop out the last bit of cereal with my hand rather than sludge my milk with yucky crumbs.

3 thoughts on “Crumb-Buster Cereal Container

  1. Something to smooth the pour of say mini wheat size cereals, and something to stop them getting caught at the end of of the container. This is a sweet idea.

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