Wile E. Coyote Blueprints Wallpaper

Wile E Coyote Blueprint

UPDATE: This is now available as a poster you can buy. Check it out here.

Originally this was slated to be part of the Mad Scientist Gear series, but I decided to make these a regular feature. Introducing Wile E. Coyote’s series of blueprints featuring backfiring trap designs.

These will be facsimiles of the blueprints as they appeared in the cartoons. I know they look very clean and simplistic, but that’s how they looked. I’m sure you could add a ‘worn paper’ look to the images easily enough if you so choose.

I would like Warner Bros. to offer these as posters, but they currently do not. For now they’ll do as desktop wallpapers. Or you could go to and get yourself a wall decal. Or you could get some actual blueprints made! Decisions decisions.

Two large sizes and one for the iPhone, click to enlarge:

I will post a new blueprint every so often. Hope you like them!


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