Wile E. Coyote Blueprints Wallpaper Part 2: Anvil Drop


Wile E Coyote Blueprint

UPDATE: This is now available as a poster you can buy. Check it out here.

I was about half-finished this one when I released the first one a few days ago – thought I’d go ahead and complete it for a post. I still intend to post many more of these, and probably ones featured in Pinky and the Brain as well.

Here are the wallpapers, two large ones and one for the iPhone, click to enlarge:

I’m going to have a few of these printed as actual blueprints to use as posters. I will give away a few to readers of this site, just trying to figure out how. In a way that benefits a charity, methinks. If you have any suggestions on how to do a freebie giveaway, let me know.

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