Heavy Duty Office Chair

Heavy Duty Office Chair

Just like the Sith, some of my ideas are born of hate. I loathe office chairs because despite their initial good looks and comfort, they are not durable. How companies not factor in this wear-and-tear into their chair designs is beyond me.

That said, I have designed what I feel is the one chair to rule them all. This heavy duty chair is a monster: steel frame, redundant wheels, shock absorbers, and tension springs. It is painted yellow to alert your co-workers of its presence; a trait symbolic of its construction equipment pedigree. Essentially a Tonka chair! 

Heavy Duty Office Chair

Some features not visible in the pic that I would include in its design: 1.) Easy to remove seat cushions for cleaning, though I designed this baby to roll through a car wash. 2.) Small ‘gas flap’ openings for adding oil to the swivel bearings. 3.) If you go backwards, the chair makes a beep beep beep sound. Kidding.

7 thoughts on “Heavy Duty Office Chair

  1. would anyone actually be able to lift it? or would we need to hire union labor to move it?
    having carried my own desk chair up and down stairs (and even a ladder), I’m a bit afraid of this

  2. this is a cool chair!I am very overweight, I work in a homeless shelter cooking in the kitchen. my wheelchair is too big to get around and be able to turn in front of the stoves and other tight places.out of curiosity, because I know I can’t really afford one lol, what is a price on this chair? thank you!

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