Monopoly Real Estate Sign

Monopoly Real Estate Sign

I’ve always found real estate signs to be so unsightly and devoid of personality, quite the feat considering they are big bloated business cards for Realtors. You’d think the Realtor was on sale, with their name, picture, and slogan so prominent.*

Anyways, I am seeing these signs just about everywhere within a stone’s throw from my house (I’m scaring away the neighbors with my Farscape references), and I think they could be a bit more fun and a little less heavy on information. So I came up with this Monopoly design, which is quite appropriate if I may say so.

It’s all you need really: “For Sale” and a number. Additional information can be found on the pamphlet (which would look like a Monopoly property card). The familiar Monopoly imagery mixed with the all-too-familiar real estate sign scream hey this house is for sale!

Check out this other sign I designed for Hot Wheels fans.

*Realtors bug me to no end. Once in junior high school we had a Realtor talk to us for an hour. At the end she gave us a packet full of business cards, fridge magnets, pamphlets, etc. It wasn’t a lecture, she was networking! Ugh.

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