The Versatile Bob-omb

Bob-omb by davesgeekyideas

This might give you some disturbing insight to my mind, but today I was installing the lights on my bike, I thought to myself: “You know what would be cool, is if they made blinking tail lights in the guise of a Bob-omb” Even just a flat disc-shaped version would be great. 

So I did a check online, and no Bob-omb bike lights. I figured there had to be a blinking LED Bob-omb somewhere, but further searches revealed that the only electronic Bob-omb item available is a USB drive.

Obviously a Bob-omb with a blinking LED would work great as a toy, especially if it also had the wind-up walking feature. But I think there are plenty of other applications too:

1. Car security light. I suppose the one risk here is that thieves (or weak-willed geeks) might want to steal the Bob-omb itself.

2. Alarm clock. If I designed it, you’d have to pick it up and set it back down for a snooze press.

3. Fire/smoke detector, or emergency light.

4. Egg timer. Makes good use of the wind-up key.

5. Key Chain light. The key would be a switch, settings include always-on and blinking.

6. USB Charging hub. The Bob-omb blinks while your devices recharge.

7. Plain old desk lamp*. Like this Mario mushroom here. Or a party strobe light.

8. String of Xmas lights. Might be tempted to use these year-round.

9. Shoelace ends. You’d plug a small Bob-omb onto both ends of a shoelace, making it look like they each have a super-long fuse. Would work for your hoodie drawstring too.

10. Health reminder thingy. This is a reference to this old idea, where you’d have an alarm that tells you to stand up from your desk at an hourly interval and take five (you earned it).

11. The previously mentioned bike light and toy ideas.

So there you have it, many potential applications for the under-appreciated Bob-omb. Well, for such an iconic character in this blogger’s opinion.

*No lie: Police’s Roxanne appeared on my iTunes shuffle while I typed this. It’s a sign.

3 thoughts on “The Versatile Bob-omb

  1. I really like the alarm clock idea, especially if the winding/walking mechanism could be included – wind it up to snooze, and it walks a little further away (making you get up to turn it off again).

  2. Amazing as always Dave! I actually thought by the picture that it was a kids drink bottle. The wind-up device as the handle and the grey attachment to the wick is the screw off section for the refill.

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