Perfection Board Game Health Reminder


It is recommended that you take a break every hour from working on the computer or playing video games on the couch. Prolonged periods of sitting and doing repetitive motions can lead to RSI or DEATH. Well, probably not death. But you could become fused to the chair. Ew.

The problem is that the duration of sessions on the computer or game console can be difficult to gauge. For many, hours can fly by effortlessly while they are engaged in their work or game. It’s tough to enforce a routine break for yourself.

So I created this egg timer design based on the board game Perfection. You set the intervals for your break at 30 minutes or hourly, and the yellow play pieces will pop up slightly at every interval, reminding you to stand up and take five minutes.

It wouldn’t have the loud winding timer like the board game, the dial is just used to set the break frequency. Just a ‘pop’ and subsequent rattle of play pieces every hour to alert you. Initially I thought it would be fun to have all the pieces thrown from the timer – like the board game – but that is too high maintenance and could become annoying.

This would be a fun-looking yet helpful device for your desktop. I wouldn’t be surprised if your nearby co-workers also used the timer as well.

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