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Compared to the previous three entries in the Geeky Fashion series, there are plenty of geeky full-zip hoodies (hoodies that zip all the way up to cover the face often forming a mask), but I want to submit these design ideas, which as far as I can tell do not exist yet (feel free to correct me). Some of the more obvious choices, like Spider-Man or Star Wars, have already been done.

Designed these based on what I want to wear, and as usual I kept the designs simple (just like me). The ones I see currently on the market are a bit too busy or skewered towards the kids. The ‘skull’ design looks cool, but it’s not very fashionable for everyday wear.

All of these full-zip hoodies would feature plastic lenses for the eyes to see through. The windy/rainy days I’ve recently encountered made me wish for hoodies like these.

I won’t name them, I figure they are pretty self-explanatory (Commenters feel free to list them). The third one is a general ‘hockey goalie’ design, and could be applied to all NHL teams. The last one, well, I tried to do something with headgear/goggles, but it didn’t look right. Makes for a cool regular hoodie, if I may say so.

UPDATE: Here are a few more.

Superman Hoodie Snake Eyes MGS Ninja Spirited Away Iron Man davesgeekyideas.com
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32 thoughts on “Full-Zip Hoodies

  1. The last one is pretty cool, but the rest I am heavily biased against because I hate full-zip hoodies.

    But yeah, the Ghostbusters is cool because it’s a simple, unassuming design with a unique color combination. The tan isn’t a color you normally see hoodies in, and the black details look awesome with it.

  2. Hey guys,

    I wish I knew a company that specialized in these. If anyone knows of a dedicated full-zip company, let me know. The ones I have found so far only dabble in full-zips (like Mark Ecko), but it’s not their primary item.

    Any info is appreciated! -Dave

  3. Mother of God. You think about starting an email list for if/when you find someone to make those bad boys? I know I’d want to have a heads up.

  4. I’d pretty much buy all but the hockey one on the first pic and the crash test dummy, kabuki and Iron Man on the second one. Also I hope more than just the red ranger would be available. Also a spiderman/venom would be cool too.

    1. I only post stuff on this blog that doesn’t exist (the running theme here), which is why Spidey and Venom aren’t here – they are widely available. You can probably do a quick Google search and buy one.

      The Red Ranger is just indicative of all 5 Rangers. Just wanted to get the basic idea across.

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