Full-Zip Hoodie Designs


Full-zip hoodies basically come with a mask once fully zipped-up. Plenty of potential for Superheros and other geeky characters! Personally I’d like to see NHL-themed hoodies with retro goalie masks (like Ken Dryden above), but that’s probably not your cup of tea. After the jump are a bunch of designs you might like.

Full Zip Hoodies Ideas Designs Voltron Power Rangers Ken Dryden BTTF Community NBC
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You could probably identify most of these, but 4 is Back to the Future (could be Breaking Bad too), and 6 is Greendale Community College. 2 is a Foot Soldier from TMNT.

Superman Hoodie Snake Eyes MGS Ninja Spirited Away Iron Man davesgeekyideas.com
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Superman’s anti-Kryptonite suit from the animated series is top left. Miyazaki and Metal Gear are on the bottom row next to Iron Man. The Crash Test Dummy is generic.

32 thoughts on “Full-Zip Hoodie Designs

  1. The last one is pretty cool, but the rest I am heavily biased against because I hate full-zip hoodies.

    But yeah, the Ghostbusters is cool because it’s a simple, unassuming design with a unique color combination. The tan isn’t a color you normally see hoodies in, and the black details look awesome with it.

  2. Hey guys,

    I wish I knew a company that specialized in these. If anyone knows of a dedicated full-zip company, let me know. The ones I have found so far only dabble in full-zips (like Mark Ecko), but it’s not their primary item.

    Any info is appreciated! -Dave

  3. I would love Gray Wolf (Cyborg Ninja), Red Ranger, or the Foot hoodie, please let me know when these start to sell haha.

  4. Mother of God. You think about starting an email list for if/when you find someone to make those bad boys? I know I’d want to have a heads up.

  5. I’d pretty much buy all but the hockey one on the first pic and the crash test dummy, kabuki and Iron Man on the second one. Also I hope more than just the red ranger would be available. Also a spiderman/venom would be cool too.

    1. I only post stuff on this blog that doesn’t exist (the running theme here), which is why Spidey and Venom aren’t here – they are widely available. You can probably do a quick Google search and buy one.

      The Red Ranger is just indicative of all 5 Rangers. Just wanted to get the basic idea across.

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