Motorized Self-Driving Cars For LEGO


I was watching a recent video from YouTuber JANGBRICKS, where he was trying to devise a way to get his LEGO cars to move about his LEGO city (5:36 mark), and I think there is a pretty cool solution to his problem but it would require a lot of help from a company called Anki.

LEGO Elevator Door Design

LEGO automatic elevator door design by Dave Delisle 2018 davesgeekyideas

This is a design I was thinking about submitting to LEGO IDEAS, but it’s just a few specialty parts, not a whole product so this wouldn’t be considered. These are parts for elevators that I would like to see included in LEGO City and LEGO Creator sets one day.

The Greatest Toy Ever?

Lego 3D Printer

In light of the many recent articles I’ve seen highlighting the year’s best toys, I asked myself: “What would be the greatest toy ever?”

That’s easy. A toy that lets you make your own toys.

I predict that one day toy companies will issue affordable 3D printers aimed at kids, complete with a library of toys and accessories to print. The business model will not only rely on selling these printers, but the sales of additional 3D model files (from an online store) and plastic resin refills as well.

Wouldn’t it be cool if Hasbro released a printer that allowed you to print weapons and add-ons for your G.I. Joe and Transformer figures? Or even entire figures?

The scope of these printers would range from the small (creating parts to enhance existing toys), to the ambitious (creating entire toys or model kits). Either way, there is a lot of potential here for kids and hobbyists alike.