LEGO Dustpan And Brush


This is a LEGO walkie-talkie that turns into a dustpan and brush for cleaning up LEGO. It can be used as a prop too, and would look good in any LEGO builder’s room.


The walkie-talkie was pretty big in a minifigure’s hand (like twice the size of an 80’s cellular phone), so it should look roughly the same in your hand. I scaled down the dustpan handle so it would be easier to hold.

LEGO walkie talkie life size dustpan and brush design 2019 dave delisle davesgeekyideas dave's geeky ideas

The dustpan being mostly enclosed was the one trade-off I had to make with this design. Sure the top could detach or flip out of the way, but I wanted to keep this simple. Just two parts, like an actual dustpan and brush.

UPDATE: I’ve altered the design, pray I don’t alter it further. Well, it’s just an alternate take that opens up the dustpan a bit:



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