Steadicam VR Rig?

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That is a question mark in the title, because I honestly don’t know if this will work: using a Steadicam arm rig to hold a VR headset. The goal is not to create a stabilized image, but to reduce the weight of the VR headset to almost nothing, while allowing complete movement of the user (within arm’s reach, literally). At least that is my theory.

The gimbals are directly above the head. The arm is affixed to a heavy pillar, that acts like a Steadicam operator. A chin strap may be needed to keep the headset on the user’s noggin. This rig could allow for really heavy headsets with huge displays and speakers, the whole nine yards. But again, I’m not really sure. Makes you think though.

One thought on “Steadicam VR Rig?

  1. Though not steadicam, this is how some of the earlier vr systems used to be. At least two arcade based systems I can think of (search for Beach Head 2000). Tracking latency is super low because it’s directly measured with no wireless signals. The arm tends to be restrictive pretty quickly though. I’ve only seen them with about a 5-6 foot reach, so maybe it could be revisited if you improved the reach and smoothness of movement (as in make it unnoticeable)

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