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It looks like the internet is here to stay! Why do we still treat it like an afterthought in our homes? By that I mean the hardware/installation of the internet piggybacks on outlets meant for televisions and phones. Shouldn’t we have a dedicated access point for the internet?

I’m proposing an internet panel box that should be a standard fixture in all homes, or at the very least for new homes being built. This enclosure would house the cable modem, with access to power outlets, coaxial/fiber optic outlet, and Ethernet ports (that relay to other rooms in the house, another proposed standard). There is also room for a wireless router too.

Like an electrical fuse box, the Ethernet ports are labelled. A helpful guide and troubleshooting label is also affixed to the panel door, good for when the internet goes down (this label courtesy of the Internet Service Provider).

The power outlets have an illuminated kill switch (like a power strip), so you can quickly reset the modem and router at the flick of a switch.

I envision this panel being in a central area of the home, positioned in a place that cannot be obstructed, much like the thermostat. With Ethernet cables running throughout the house, this panel box could even be buried in the basement or somewhere out of the way.


It doesn’t have to look like this panel box, but I wanted a removable front cover, in case the cable modem has Wi-Fi built-in. The cover and interior have a pegboard for mounting the wireless router and to help with cable management. The casing is plastic, as metal may interfere with wireless signals.

What do you think? Should homes be equipped with such a panel, or is the status quo just fine?

2 thoughts on “Internet Panel Box

  1. They should be equipped, when I renovated my house I built something basically like this. Doent look anything close to this, but has all the capabilities. Makes life a while lot easier.

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