Toy Chest That Transforms Into A Playset

Toy Chest Transforms Into Playset Storage Dollhouse Trunk Chest 2019 dave delisle davesgeekyideas dave's geeky ideas

I attempted this design a year or so ago, but when I finished it the thing looked like a deathtrap so I shelved it, and opted to post this instead. This time I took child safety into consideration (for once) and made a super-simple toy chest that transforms into a playset.

Retro Keyboard With Printer


This is a design solution for people who seldom use their home printers, and when they do it’s usually for black-and-white documents: a retro keyboard that conceals a portable printer. This design was born out of pure hatred for my bulky high-maintenance inkjet printer. Some of you might relate.

Supply Crate Footlockers

video game footlocker 2013 dave delisle dave's geeky ideas

This is not a new design, more like a request for a life-size prop. Specifically those supply crate footlockers seen in video games. The above design is from Half Life 2, but I wouldn’t mind one from Red Faction Guerrilla as well. These would be the size of a trunk, and ideal for storing all your video games.