Supply Crate Footlockers

Half Life 2 Storage Chest Trunk Footlocker

So there are many names for this container: military footlocker, chest, trunk, tool case, storage container, and on and on. They all serve the same purpose: storage! But for this post I’ll refer to this box as a footlocker, which is appropriate given its usage here. 

This footlocker design is based on the ammo supply crates from Half Life 2. There are many other games that have similar supply/ammo crates like Red Faction and Borderlands, but Half Life 2 would be my personal choice for a footlocker.

In theory such a footlocker would be a life-size replica of its video game counterpart, give or take a few inches.

I actually spent a lot of time over the last few months attempting to make this very footlocker for myself. My hope was to find a similar-looking storage case and just paint it, but I had zero luck finding anything comparable.*

Half Life 2 Supply Crate Storage Trunk

What I would love about having such a footlocker is that it can be placed anywhere, just like in a video game. Regardless of the surrounding decor, this footlocker would seem purposeful and important in any location.

I just worry that gamer folks might instinctively approach the footlocker without thinking! I’m kidding, gamers aren’t that habitual. However this footlocker will call attention to itself, a trait that carries over from the game.

Alas there are no geeky storage containers like this in existence. I hope that can rectified in the near future.

*I even went to an Army Surplus store looking for a military footlocker but had no luck. There are lots of cool military cases available online (like this), but nothing I could affix all the labels and stripes to.  The closest I saw were antique army footlockers but those were in rough shape. In the end I opted to grab a few Rubbermaid containers for all my junk.

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