Super Mario Bathroom Sink Fixtures

Super Mario Bathroom Sink Fixtures

When it comes to indoor plumbing why not have a Super Mario-themed bathroom sink? You got your mushroom handles, a Warp Pipe faucet, and a Piranha Plant that acts as the lever for the drain plug thingy. You could also enlist a Chain Chomp to act as a drain stopper for an older sink.

Note: it’s not very apparent here, but on top of the mushrooms are round-shaped H and C letters to indicate hot and cold water.


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  1. PewPew1MoarTime

    I love this.

    Insta-buy if this was real!

  2. That is awesome! Someone should make this a reality.

  3. Of course, Mario would install it. He would always swing by my place to fix the leaky faucet too. After all, I helped him beat the bad guys and save the day countless times.

  4. My kids and I were just talking about how cool it would be to have a mario themed bathroom. If it were real, this would be absolutely perfect!

  5. Love this idea!
    But what if you used the Fire Flower and the Ice Flower for the hot and cold?

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