Retro Keyboard With Printer


This is a design solution for people who seldom use their home printers, and when they do it’s usually for black-and-white documents: a retro keyboard that conceals a portable printer. This design was born out of pure hatred for my bulky high-maintenance inkjet printer. Some of you might relate.

I’ve had my eye on this portable printer from Brother for the past few years, because it is compact and uses direct thermal printing. This printing process uses no ink but requires thermal paper to ‘burn’ the print onto.

You just slide the canopy back and fire up the printer, and you are ready to start printing. One drawback is this printer needs to be manually fed one single sheet of paper at a time, but that’s my kind of output.


The keyboard has a pass-through underneath for paper. The printer could also be oriented the other way if you prefer your prints to go out the back.

The canopy is decent way to protect the printer from dust when it is not in use. Other items and stationary could also be stored in this section. This is a mechanical keyboard, with a USB hub on the side.

It is a bulkier keyboard but I would prefer this to my freaking printer, which is about the size of 2 briefcases stacked together. Plus not having to deal with ink cartridges anymore is a bonus.

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