SimCity Handheld Device


This past week a company called Basic Fun released a handheld version of The Oregon Trail, an educational PC game from the 80’s. I’d like to see the first SimCity (1989) get the same treatment, mostly because that was my PC game from the era.

Of course I gotta be cheeky and make a design that is based on the game’s box art. My design is in keeping with Basic Fun’s Oregon Trail handheld, but if they want to add a bunch of dials and displays like the aforementioned box art, that would be pretty cool too.

SimCity was a mouse-intensive game, so this version would need a touch screen and a stylus for building roads and power lines with ease. A nub control is also available for those who like to do everything manually.

I don’t know if this is possible, but I’d love to see these handhelds plug into desktops or laptops via USB so people can play the games on their computers, just like the old days.  Maybe game saves could migrate between the handheld and PC?

Alas SimCity belongs to EA, and they don’t release cool novelties like these. However Nintendo surprised everyone with their Classics consoles, so maybe EA could follow suit and allow their old games to be sold in this manner. Time will tell.

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