Motorized Self-Driving Cars For LEGO


I was watching a recent video from YouTuber JANGBRICKS, where he was trying to devise a way to get his LEGO cars to move about his LEGO city (5:36 mark), and I think there is a pretty cool solution to his problem but it would require a lot of help from a company called Anki.

Anki produces a toy called Anki Overdrive, a modern slot car track system (minus the slot) that uses Robotic cars that adhere to a modular track. It’s a neat toy, cars can race around and change lanes, all that jazz. Here is a video of the toy in action (15:00 mark).

Anki Overdrive meets LEGO

To make the LEGO dream possible, special road plates would be needed for LEGO City sets, along with motorized car bases (which can be built upon to make any LEGO car). Instead of racing, cars would need to be programmed to auto-navigate a sprawling traffic system with intersections and train crossings.

Ideally dozens of cars could drive around the city on auto pilot at the same time, with the option of driving a single car via a smart app (just like how Anki cars currently operate). I’d also like to see all the cars park and wirelessly recharge their batteries on the fly, for easier automation and upkeep.

Anki’s cars and trucks look almost comparable in size to LEGO cars, so I feel this is very possible. I imagine many LEGO enthusiasts would love to have smart moving vehicles in their LEGO cities.

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