3D TV For Retro Gaming

Retro Gaming 3D TV clear display LCD design by Dave Delisle davesgeekyideas

Those fancy 3D TVs are pretty much extinct nowadays, but I think there could be a new and fun way to apply the idea, no glasses needed. However this would strictly be for retro gaming, covering most systems from the 80’s and 90’s. This wouldn’t be ideal for watching Avatar.

The 3D effect uses 2 displays: a traditional LCD panel combined with a clear display. The clear display sits in front, displaying the characters, stats, and foreground. The regular panel sits in the back, displaying the backgrounds.


This is made possible by most retro 2D games being broken up into layers, like a  Photoshop file or a sandwich. Layers would need to be split up between the displays manually (or a really smart program).

In my opinion the effect should be pretty dramatic, especially with games that feature parallax scrolling backgrounds. Would certainly be a unique way to display old games.

It would need 4:3 displays and a CRT form factor to house the multiple displays (and to offer that retro vibe). Personally I would like something compact to go with my mini consoles as well; a smaller size would also make this more affordable in theory.

3 thoughts on “3D TV For Retro Gaming

  1. That concept for a 3D retro TV monitor looks rather spectacular! It could revitalize 2D games again and start a big revolution and transition to see how many layers can be used in a single game!

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