Coffee Table For Gadget Lovers


All my devices, cables, and game controllers are plaguing me like Tribbles, so I came up with this simple design: a coffee table with an easel, plus storage and USB charging. Perfect for couch-bound geeks everywhere.

The easel faces the couch, and you can park your phones, tablets, and remotes on it. Now you can always see who is calling, or watch your tablet with ease.


A large drawer opens up to reveal storage for game controllers and cables, or whatever you want to toss inside. Those things called “books” could be stored in here, if you’d like.

USB Coffee Table For Gadgets 2019 Dave Delisle davesgeekyideas

To charge devices and controllers, a USB hub could be added. It would be mounted underneath the main surface of the table (barely visible above). There is a pass-through in the drawer to allow cables for charging mobile devices, or for wired/charging game controllers.

Unfortunately powering the USB hub would require an ugly cable running from the coffee table to the wall, something all “smart” coffee tables have to contend with. I would place a large battery pack in the drawer for a clean look.

The table surface could also be a lift-top, for those weirdos who like to eat meals in the living room.

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