Bed Frame For Gadget Lovers


More furniture designed with geeks in mind, this is a simple bed frame that will hold your phone or tablet for you. Let’s be real, 99% of people climb into bed staring at a screen, so why not get the bed to hold it up for you?

This is my take on an IKEA bed, with a pair of swing arms attached to front of the frame. Each arm has an easel on the end to hold a phone or tablet.


I designed this frame to conceal the arms somewhat. An alternate approach: these arms could be a completely separate item that could be affixed to existing bed frames. Selling these as a standalone device may be more plausible than an entire bed frame.

The arms would slow-close (like modern toilet seats) when done, to avert noise and damage. I would also like the arms to be attached with a C-clamp, so they can safely pop off the frame if you accidentally roll out of bed while they are still upright.


2 thoughts on “Bed Frame For Gadget Lovers

  1. I think it should come off the headboard. On every bed I’ve ever slept in, the quilt/comforter was not tucked under the mattress, meaning they’d drape over the sides of the arms as you’ve designed it. I suppose the mechanics might be harder from the headboard in terms of retreating easily. Maybe the base of it is at the headboard, or the arm is near the pillow end, that way it only obscures the part of the blanket that’s easily moved and tucked in as you’re in bed.

    1. That was my first thought, but it posed a few problems. It might come down and hit your head so it’s not good to have it perched up there; the arms blocked access to side tables; an ‘elbow’ joint may be needed to fully set it up and stow away, which slows things down; and lastly ease-of-use just wasn’t as good using a headboard (the above design allows you to casually throw it forward to put it away).

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