All Valley Karate Tournament Poster

Karate Kid All Valley Tournament Poster

You can buy a high-res version of this poster here.

I originally illustrated this poster design in summer 2011, but then when back and remade it in January 2012, which is what you see here. It’s a very popular item and I get many compliments about how great it looks.

The basis for this poster is a 3D model of the ring which was shaped to match the perspective of the poster seen in the film. It was textured and lit and rendered. The fighters and All Valley logo were then illustrated in vector. Everything was typed up using four versions of the Futura font. Lastly a lot of digital painting was used to complete the image.

Here is a collage of samples from the poster (actual pixel size):

Karate Kid All Valley Tournament Poster

4 thoughts on “All Valley Karate Tournament Poster

  1. Hi, is this poster no longer available? I know it’s July 2 but I am watching karate kid now and thought how cool it would be to have that poster and then I found your website. Would LOVE it.

  2. Is your custom-design All Valley poster still available? Could you email me the cost? Thank you! Very cool!

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