Montreal Metro Map – Super Mario 3 Style

Montreal Metro Map MArio 2012 Bleue Dave Delisle
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You can buy a high-res poster here.

As promised, Montreal’s Metro map rendered in Super Mario 3 style. I’d like to dub this map trend as “Mariotography” if I may.

Special thanks to Chris Erb from Spacing Montreal for the translation and layout assistance.

20 thoughts on “Montreal Metro Map – Super Mario 3 Style

  1. The Bleue has been fixed (Bleue)- I also said I had this map checked by several Montrealers too. They were more important than Wikipedia to me!

    The “Ligne 1 Verte” was lifted from Wikipedia. No idea about the best use of Ligne or Verte for this map! :s

  2. in theory Metro Fabre and Metro Papineau should be lined up since Papineau St crosses them both. But By following the STM official map, This one kicks ass! awsome job!

  3. Your idea is really nice, so I think you should know that there is a small shop on St-Laurent that sell your print for 150$ …

    I hope they ask your permition.



    1. No they didn’t ask permission. And that price is just straight-up robbery.

      They don’t have the high-res images so maybe they are re-selling my posters? Are maybe they’re just ugly and enlarged JPEGS.

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