Montreal Metro Map – Super Mario 3 Style

Montreal Metro Map MArio 2012 Bleue Dave Delisle

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You can buy a high-res poster here.

As promised, Montreal’s Metro map rendered in Super Mario 3 style. I’d like to dub this map trend as “Mariotography” if I may.

Special thanks to Chris Erb from Spacing Montreal for the translation and layout assistance.


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  1. Where the hell is line 3? Is it a never-made project?

  2. The Bleue has been fixed (Bleue)- I also said I had this map checked by several Montrealers too. They were more important than Wikipedia to me!

    The “Ligne 1 Verte” was lifted from Wikipedia. No idea about the best use of Ligne or Verte for this map! :s

  3. Best. Map. Evar!

  4. in theory Metro Fabre and Metro Papineau should be lined up since Papineau St crosses them both. But By following the STM official map, This one kicks ass! awsome job!

  5. I did order one but unfortunately the error is still there.

  6. Your idea is really nice, so I think you should know that there is a small shop on St-Laurent that sell your print for 150$ …

    I hope they ask your permition.



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