Portland’s MAX LRT Map – Super Mario 3 Style

Portland Trimet Map 2015 by davegeekyideas

You can purchase a high-res poster of this map here.

(UPDATE July 2015): I’ve updated the map to reflect the final state of the Orange Line which opened recently. A few fixes were made for the Orange Line: the route extends into the downtown core, and a stop was removed.

If you’re wondering why there are power switches, it’s because the Orange Line changes into the Yellow Line and vice versa.

10 thoughts on “Portland’s MAX LRT Map – Super Mario 3 Style

  1. I was going to say something along the lines of Mike up there, but then I remembered that I live in an amazing backward city (but only in terms of public transport, politics, education, etc). I imagine the ATL MarioMetro would look something like the Forest of Illusion where you just keep repeated yourself over and over and over until you finally happen to catch the right train (purely by accident).

    *These are awesome, by the way*

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