Atlanta’s MARTA Map – Super Mario 3 Style

Atlanta's MARTA map - rapid transit Super Mario 3 Style 2013 Dave Delisle Cartography
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You can purchase a high-res poster of this map here.

Atlanta’s MARTA now gets the SMB3 treatment, making it 3 cities in as many weeks, and my 8th city overall. Normally I like to take a break between cities but I got a lot of requests for ATL, and MARTA looked really simple so I decided to tackle it straight away.

Going to attempt some other cities in other styles pretty soon. Stay tuned for those!

11 thoughts on “Atlanta’s MARTA Map – Super Mario 3 Style

  1. Awesome! Definitely going to order one. Looks like you have a type-o, though. On the Green Line restriction you have Vice City instead of Vine City.

  2. Odd request, as I know Atlanta doesn’t have any waterfront per se, but is there any way you could add the lakes for Atlanta Waterworks and and Piedmont Park, which would be west of Arts Center and east of Midtown respectively? That and/or the Chattahoochee river which forms the northwestern border of the city limits. If not, I might still buy one of these, but if you do I absolutely will.

  3. This poster is now featured in several cubicles at MARTA HQ. I wanted to make sure the original artist was made aware of it and was properly thanked for it.

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