Karate Kid Tournament Poster

Karate Kid Poster

UPDATE: You can purchase a more screen-accurate version here.

A replica of the poster seen in the Karate Kid, hanging in the Kobra Kai dojo. It’s a good thing it was on the wall, otherwise the plot would have been completely different.

Every time they announce injuries in the NHL as “upper/lower body injury”, I think it’s because of this tournament. You don’t want coaches prompting their players to attack injured opponents (“Sweep the leg!”). Though I have a feeling it happens.

This is from the original 1984 film, not that remake from last year, in case you kids are confused. Darn kids.

Here is a massive 2k x 3k version, if you’d like to print it out and throw it on your wall (or use as a wallpaper), click to enlarge:

Karate Kid 1984 Tournament Poster All Seasons Karate Championship Kobra Kai


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  1. Good Job!

  2. Actually, this poster has been available for a while.
    Artist Eric Camper recreated for Basement Arcade GrafX.

    You can find it here;

    Thanks – John
    Basement Arcade GrafX

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